Silberman Student Spotlights

Silberman Alumni, Faculty and Students in the Spotlight

Our Silberman community is rich with alumni, faculty and students who are innovators, leaders and change-makers working to advance business here and abroad. Here are a few of note.


International Graduate Student, Asmaa Gamie, says Silberman has been Life-Changing

Asmaa Gamie, MBA Pharmaceutical Management, class of 2017, discusses her vision for her career, her experience at FDU, and advice for incoming Silberman students. “I see myself as a CEO of my pharmaceutical company helping people to get the best healthcare, especially in medically underserved societies.”

Sarah Hof: Be humble. Stay hungry.

Marketing major Sarah Hof, (class of 2019) reflects on how her time abroad with FDU has inspired her desire to travel. “My recent trip with Silberman to the Wroxton campus (and London!) has had a huge influence on my thinking of going abroad. After seeing London through the eyes of a local, I fell in love with the city; I can definitely see myself living there for a while after graduation!”

SCB team competes in 2016 Bayer Cup MBA Case Competition

Bayer HealthCare, a German company with U.S. operations headquartered in New Jersey, recently held their inaugural 2016 Bayer Cup MBA Case Competition. Out of all the business schools in the Northeast invited to submit an application, Bayer only selected five universities to attend — Boston University, Cornell, Columbia, Rutgers, and Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Irum Abidi, Majoring in Management Creates “1000 Hijabs” Blog to Raise Awareness and Promote Tolerance

While she was a managment undergraduate at Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Silberman College of Business, Isrum Abidi, launched a blog called ‘1000 Hijabis,’ a collection of what she hopes will be a thousand personal stories of Muslim women and their reasons for wearing a hijab, or a head covering. “The idea for ‘1000 Hijabis’ came from me wanting to make a positive change and broaden people’s perspectives.”

Jacqualyn Colasurdo Designs an Insurance App through Silberman Internship

Jacqualyn Colasurdo, BS’16 in marketing saw the need for an app for the insurance firm for which she was interning. The app idea for Madison Insurance came to Colasurado after seeing other insurance companies do well with apps. “Among one of my first tasks as an intern was to figure out how to better reach customers. Looking at insurance giants like Geico and Progressive, it’s evident that they are having a lot of success with using mobile apps. I wanted to be able to emulate that,” says Colasurdo.


Scott Behson, Ph.D.: “The world of work has been completely transformed”

Professor of Management and expert in HR and Work-Life Scott Behson talks about his work, Silberman College, and his students. “In the post-pandemic workplace, managers have to be more flexible and adaptable – while maintaining performance – and increasingly they can only achieve this by investing more in the engagement and overall well-being of their employees. I am proud that we are helping students gain these critical managerial skills as well as broaden their ethical and humanistic perspectives”

The appeal of different leadership styles is an important precursor to perceptions and ratings of leader behaviors. Ultimately, a focus on followers provides a more complete understanding of the leadership dynamic which will enhance leader effectiveness.


Jon Budish tells Students to use Your Education and FDU Contacts

Jon Budish, BA’77, MBA’85, discusses luck, timing, and being a new grandfather. “I walked into a Merrill Lynch office in Chatham and was hired as a clerk. In two seconds, I knew I wanted to work on Wall Street. I lucked out by applying for a Fixed Income trading position at Advest. When I got hired, the Dow Jones Average was 650. A year later, 1980, when the Dow broke 1000, there is no way I would have ever gotten a job.”