About Silberman

Mission Statement

Silberman College of Business is a vibrant and inclusive community that inspires responsible leadership to positively impact our students, communities, and society. Our focus on applied learning, coupled with our alumni network and proximity to international business centers, accelerates student development and career opportunities.


Silberman College of Business aspires to be the educational backbone of the communities we serve and an active force in creating a better world.  In service of these goals, we strive to excel in international business education, applied scholarship, and impactful engagement with the regional, national, and global communities in which we live.

Shared Values

Within Silberman College, we declare the following to be our guiding values:

  • Diversity and inclusiveness – a culture that welcomes and celebrates diverse backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints, and supports an environment that encourages the expression of new ideas and vigorous debate.
  • Engaged learning – an immersive environment where students utilize technological resources and pursue numerous opportunities to enhance their knowledge and strengthen their skills inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Scholarship – the development of new knowledge and value-added research that has an impact on business practice.
  • Positive societal impact through innovation and entrepreneurial thinking – a culture that fosters new ideas and thinking that equip students with a foundation to make a positive impact on our world.

Excellent Business School Ranking

We’re proud to say that Silberman is a top business school as independently rated by these reputable sources:

Leading Global Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility through United Nations Partnership

Since 2009, Silberman has been an Advanced Signatory Participant in the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) — a global network of business schools committed to leading the transformation of business management education, research, and thought leadership through the development of curricula that incorporates sustainability and social responsibility. We submit biannual reports on our advances.

Online Master’s Degree

Silberman’s Online Master of Science in Digital Marketing opens up opportunities for students nationally and globally to earn a degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University.