International Undergraduate Admissions

An undergraduate freshman student is a student who has completed high school and is studying for his/her first degree – typically a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS).

Read about FDU’s Undergraduate Majors.

Admission Procedures

  1. Submit an application. International students may apply through

    Any valid visa holder in the US and any student outside the US who will apply for a visa must apply with an international undergraduate application.

    NOTE: American citizens, regardless of where they live, must submit their application through

  2. Upload or mail your academic records from all secondary schools attended. If your transcripts, diploma, or any other academic documents are not in English, you MUST include an official English translation.Include any AP, IB, and/or GCE scores. You may be eligible for transfer credit for the following exams and qualifying scores: Metropolitan Campus AP Policy  or Florham Campus AP Policy

    IB Diploma/ Certificates: 5 or higher per Higher Level exam

    GCE A-levels: C or above per A-level exam (up to 6 credits)

  3. Submit a TOEFLIELTSPTE-A, or SAT score.
    – Read about our English Proficiency Requirements.
  4. Submit two (2) letters of recommendation from academic references.
  5. Submit a copy of your passport.
  6. Submit a bank statement and Affidavit of Financial Support if you are seeking an F-1 visa.
    – Bank statements must indicate a balance that will cover your first year of tuition and living expenses.
    – The Affidavit of Support must be in the name of the sponsor on your bank statement. Multiple bank statements require an affidavit from each sponsor. Self-sponsored applicants do not need an affidavit.
    – Fall applicants must have financial documents dated after February 1; Spring applicants, documents dated after August 1
    – Solvency certificates are not acceptable.

Document Submission

Documents and test scores must be uploaded through our online application and/or mailed to our office.

FDU reserves the right to request the submission of official documents via post as necessary.

Admitted students who plan to attend FDU must submit official test scores directly to FDU from the testing agency and send official academic records in sealed envelopes before arrival on campus. Students will not be allowed to register for classes until official documents have been received.

If you only have 1 copy of your transcript, do NOT mail it to us; bring the documents in person before the semester starts (we will make photocopies and return the originals to you).


  • Fall (August) Semester: July 1
  • Spring (January) Semester: December 1

Admissions are rolling. Please allow 3-4 weeks to process your application.

Contact Information

The Office of International Admissions

1000 River Rd., T-KB1-01
Teaneck, NJ 07666 USA