International Tuition and Fees

Estimated Annual Cost

Academic year 2023-2024

Academic Level Tuition, Fees and Medical Insurance Room and Board Expenses Total
Undergraduate $38,500 $15,000 $53,500
Graduate (varies with program). See full list of graduate tuition rates. $23,000 $15,000 $38,000

Dependent Cost (spouse and/or children)

The cost for a dependent is calculated for a twelve (12) month year.

Adult – $7,500 per dependent
Child – $4,000 per dependent

  • The figures listed here (and on your I-20) are estimates; expenses are subject to change and are NOT a guarantee or contract of actual expenses
  • Official bills for tuition and fees will be presented at registration
  • Some courses require additional fees
  • FDU reserves the right to change any of the above expenses without prior notification
  • These estimates do NOT include personal expenses (ex. transportation, clothing, books, laundry, entertainment)
  • For a detailed list of all the individual fees regarding your tuition, please click on the following links:

Payment Options

A semester’s fees are due to be received at the beginning of the semester. Tuition and fees may be paid in full at one time, or through a payment plan that will allow four payments of 25% each per semester with a joining fee.

The Office of Enrollment Services will assist international students with their balance information, payment options, and timelines for receipt of tuition and fees so that students can continue to register for classes in their degree program without delay.  Please visit the Office of Enrollment Services to learn more about your payment options.