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Are you interested in earning a master’s degree, endorsements, or hours toward recertification and salary credit? FDU’s School of Education offers convenient online summer courses to help you achieve your educational and professional goals. 

You can realize significant cost savings through our special tuition pricing, too. After registering for your first three credits at the regular tuition rate, you’ll receive $100 off each additional credit taken. Summer discount available only for courses taken through our NJ campuses. The discount does not apply to the online EdD.

Whether you’re an educator needing professional development courses, a teacher pursuing special certification, or a current FDU graduate education student, you’ll find a variety of learning options this summer at FDU!

Teaching Social Justice in Your Classroom

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This summer, FDU is offering four 1-credit online courses for practicing teachers that align with NJDOE instructional mandates.

These post-graduate courses give practicing teachers a knowledge base in social justice education designed to fulfill New Jersey Department of Education instructional mandates on anti-bias/anti-racist topics. Each course provides both the content and pedagogical support to help practicing teachers confidently integrate these subjects in an age-appropriate way in their classrooms.

Teachers can take as few as one or all four courses. Credits earned can be applied to FDU’s new 12-credit post-graduate Social Justice Education Certificate [coming in Fall 2024 pending University review] or select graduate education degree programs.

Course Descriptions

EDUC 5510: Teaching African American History
5 Online Sessions, offered Tuesdays and Thursdays
Dates: May 21 to June 4 • Time: 4:30-7 PM

Provides educators with content knowledge on the history of Black and African Americans in the United States and pedagogical materials to incorporate this history into K-12 social studies lessons and related classes.

EDUC 5511: Teaching Holocaust and Genocide
4 Consecutive Online Sessions, offered Monday through Thursday
Dates: July 15-18 • Time: 11 AM – 3 PM

Provides an overview of genocide education, with specific emphasis on teaching key moments in the history of the Holocaust. Also provides pedagogical frameworks for developing a multidisciplinary Holocaust/genocide program of study in grades 5-12.

EDUC 5512: Teaching LGBTQ+ History in Middle & High School
5 Online Sessions, offered Tuesdays and Thursdays
Date: June 6-20 • Time: 4:30-7 PM

Reviews the history of LGBTQ+ in the U.S. with emphasis on the political, economic and social contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and ways to incorporate LGBTQ+ history into middle school and high school curricula.

EDUC 5513: Teaching Asian American History
5 Online Sessions, offered Mondays and Wednesdays
Date: June 24 to July 8 • Time: 4:30-7 PM

Explores issues related to ethnic identity development, religion, gender and assimilation in Asian American and Pacific Island (AAPI) communities. Also examines AAPI history and heritage and ways to incorporate these into K-12 social studies lessons and related classes.

NOTE: Interested teachers have the option of taking EDUC 5511 – Teaching Holocaust and Genocide and EDUC 5513 – Teaching Asian American History in the Fall of 2024.

Other Summer Highlights for Teachers

Dyslexia Studies

EDUC 6641 91: Orton-Gillingham Resource Center

Techniques for using the Orton-Gillingham approach for reading, spelling and handwriting instruction for individuals or small groups within the Resource Center or the inclusive classroom. Coordination with regular classroom curriculum will also be covered.

Educational Leadership

EDUC 6716 81: School Finances, Facilities & Scheduling   

This course focuses on the principal as an instructional leader and manager of the educational enterprise. The course curriculum is structured to assist future school leaders in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that the management of the school educational program, facility, and its resources produce a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment for the success of all students.   

English as a Second Language

EDUC 6650 81: Behavioral Science for Teaching: Language & Culture

This course examines human culture as a general phenomenon and the human capacity for “culture” as the major mechanism that renders the individual capable of internalizing various types of educational messages. Students explore the relationship between language and culture with implications for materials selection and curriculum development.


EDUC 6740 81: Introduction to Students with Disabilities Including Autism Spectrum

Introduction to the student with disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders. Overview of normal growth and development as a basis to identify developmental delays and learning differences. Characteristics of different disabilities and their effects on how children learn. Review of federal, state and local regulations and their effects on local policies, procedures and placement. Transition planning, resources and assistive technology to enhance the performance of students with disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders.

EDUC 5501  Educational Technologies (1 credit) (5 Sessions Mon/Wed 5/20-6/5 5:15-7:45 via Zoom)

This course provides a survey of educational technologies used in schools. It ensures that candidates are able to apply their knowledge of ISTE standards related to instructional practice at the appropriate progression levels. It enables candidates to utilize a variety of best practice tools and instructional strategies to enhance student learning and engagement and provide equitable and inclusive learning experiences for diverse P-12 students.

EDUC 5502: Digital Literacies (1 credit) (5 Sessions Mon/Wed 6/10-6/24 5:15-7:45 via Zoom)

This course is designed to engage pre-service teachers in exploring the concepts, theories and practices of digital and media literacies, and contemporary technology issues necessary to teach in the P-12 settings. Teacher candidates will develop critical thinking skills to evaluate and create digital and media content consistent with ISTE Standards.

EDUC 6736: Literacy Topics: Critical Hip Hop Literacies (1 credit) (5 sessions, Mon/Wed 7/8-7/22 5:15-7:45 via Zoom)

Study of literacy topics. Special topics include critical hip hop and spoken word literacies, Teaching English in Diverse Classrooms, culturally sustaining literacies, the teaching of writing, creative writing methods, spoken word poetry in schools

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