Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I register with Disability Support Services, will that show up on my academic record?

No. All disability documentation and information related to a student with a disability is maintained in a confidential file and will not reflect anywhere on your academic records.

2. Are there separate admission standards for students with disabilities?

No. Students with disabilities must meet the same admission standards as their non-disabled peers.

3. When and where do I send my disability documentation?

We encourage applicants for admission to send a copy of their disability documentation to the Office of Disability Support Services after the admissions process is completed and the student has decided to attend FDU. Our professional staff member will review the documentation based on the appropriate guidelines to determine if the applicant qualifies for academic accommodations at FDU. Documentation review will begin on May 15th for students entering in the fall semester and January 2ND for students entering in the spring semester. The Director of Disability Support Services will then notify the applicant of any approved accommodations or the need for any additional information.

4. If I am receiving accommodations elsewhere, will I automatically qualify for the same at FDU?

No. The Office of Disability Support Services reviews all disability documentation according to our guidelines. Therefore, you may or may not qualify for the same accommodations that you have received. For this reason, you are required to send a copy of your disability documentation to the Office of Disability Support Services.

5. I cannot write due to a broken arm. Do you provide assistance for temporary disability?

Yes. We do provide academic accommodations for temporary disability. Accommodations may differ from person to person, depending on the student’s disability.

6. How do I apply for housing or meal plan modifications?

Students in need of special housing modifications and/or meal plan modification are required to submit their request through housing application or by contacting the office of Disability Support Services.

7. What is the difference between the Office of Disability Support Services and the Regional Center for Students with Learning Disability, in terms of provision of academic accommodations?

The Office of Disability Support Services provides academic accommodations for students who have a physical or mental disability, which substantially limits a major life activity, including learning. Whereas, the Regional Center specifically focuses on the needs of students with language-based learning disabilities.

For both departments, students are required to get accepted through the general admissions process at FDU. Admission to the Regional Center program is through a separate application process. In the event, a student is not accepted to the Regional Center and the student is accepted at the university, the student can apply and get academic accommodations from the Office of Disability Support Services.

Many of the services provided by the Regional Center are also provided by the Office of Disability Support Services for students with specific learning disabilities. On the other hand, the Regional Center provides greater individualized attention, tutorial support and academic advising for students with language-based learning disabilities. For detailed information about both programs, please contact the respective department. 

Contact Information

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The Office of Disability Support Services
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