Housing and Meal Plan Modifications

Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) recognizes the importance of providing reasonable modifications/accommodations in its housing policies for students with documented disabilities to fully participate and ensure equal access to the university’s housing program. Students with documented disabilities who may require disability-related modifications/accommodations can request them through the designated Disability Support Services (DSS) office located on each campus.

Applications and supporting documentation should be submitted by the following dates:

Fall Semester:

  • Housing and ESA: April 1 for returning students and July 1 for new incoming students
  • Meal Plan: August 1

Spring Semester: January 2

Winter Semester: November 15

Please be advised that students can submit their requests after the deadline. For late applications, the review and decision process may require up to 30 calendar days (this cannot be expedited) and in such cases, students will not receive a decision prior to the beginning of the room selection process. Also, all approved accommodations will be honored based on the availability of approved accommodations at the time of the decision.

Prior to the review of housing-related modifications/accommodations requests, students must complete the housing application and submit the residence hall deposit to be eligible to live on campus. For any questions related to the housing application please contact the Housing and Residence Life office at fduhousing@fdu.edu (for Florham Campus) and metrohousing@fdu.edu (for Metropolitan Campus).

To apply, eligible students will follow these steps:

1. Complete and Submit the Applicable Online Application 

2. Submit Supporting Documentation

  • Upon completion of the online application, the student will receive a system-generated email with further instructions and the link to the Healthcare Professional or Disability Evaluator’s Verification form.
  • Complete and submit the supporting disability-related documentation (e.g., Healthcare Professional or Evaluator’s Verification form) by uploading it to the student’s application, mailing it, or faxing it to the DSS office.

3. Review Process and Notification of Decision

  • The relevant Housing Modification Committee will review completed requests at their next scheduled meeting.
  • Once a decision is made, students will be notified by the Housing and Residence Life office via their FDU student email. If the request is approved, the Housing and Residence Life office will work with the student to make the necessary arrangements based on the availability of the approved accommodation(s).

Students requesting housing-related modifications/accommodations must complete the applicable housing modification application and documentation process each academic year.  

Factors we consider when evaluating housing-related modifications/accommodations requests include the severity of the disability/medical need, the efficacy of the request, and the feasibility and availability of the requested modification(s). Please understand that submission of the designated application does not guarantee that the specific modification(s) requested will be granted. 

DSS has adopted an appeal and grievance procedure for prompt and equitable resolution of disputes relating to disability accommodations. Students who have been denied an accommodation they requested and want to appeal may file an appeal through the process detailed here

General Information About Housing-Related Modifications/Accommodations

Housing Modifications

Learning to share space and connecting with others is an essential part of living in a residential community. Students who may benefit from an adjustment in their residential space due to health-related symptoms that do not rise to the level of a significant disabling condition have the opportunity to identify their housing preference(s) during the FDU Housing process. For any questions please contact the Housing and Residence Life office at fduhousing@fdu.edu (for Florham Campus) and metrohousing@fdu.edu (for Metropolitan Campus).

When submitting a housing modification application, requests should generally be based on the disability-related needs that create housing-related barriers.

While the Housing Modification Committee will evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis, the following are some examples of housing modification requests that generally are not considered reasonable accommodations:   

  • Specific Building Requests: Students should generally not make building-specific requests, but instead request the accommodation needed.  
  • Quiet Study Space/Living Environment: A single room cannot guarantee a quiet environment. Students who need to study in a quiet environment can have their study needs met in areas such as the library or other designated quiet study areas on campus.  
  • Approved Academic Accommodations: Approved academic accommodations (in and of themselves) are not sufficient grounds for obtaining housing modifications.

Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Accommodation

Students will not be allowed to bring their support animal on campus until the request is reviewed and approved by the committee, and all necessary follow-up steps are completed. If approved, the emotional support animal must be under the student’s care and the animal must have up-to-date vaccinations. If there is no vaccination requirement for the ESA, the student must provide a pet health certification from the veterinarian (assurance that the animal is in good health and disease free). Failure to abide by the ESA agreement and/or the housing contract may result in the removal of the animal from University housing.

Meal Plan Modifications (Medical-related Only)

To properly evaluate how FDU can best meet your needs regarding University meal plans, the University requires sufficient information to understand how the requested modification relates to the current impact of the disability/medical need. Students may be referred to the campus nutritionist/food service providers to better understand what options are available that fit their needs.