Greek Life

Greek Life

At FDU, we believe that fraternities and sororities have been and will continue to be an integral and important part of student life on the Metropolitan Campus.

Being Greek is about connecting different people together through a common bond. It’s about supporting each other and being supported in return. It’s about SCHOLARSHIP because that is every student’s primary focus, but it’s also about SERVICE because by helping others, we also help ourselves to become better people.

A strong aspect of any organization is SISTERHOOD and BROTHERHOOD and knowing that there are always people to call your family. Being Greek is also about relaxing and having fun after a tough week’s work, whether hanging out or going out, there are always social events to brighten up your day.

At our campus, a large part of Greek Life is about keeping TRADITIONS alive while setting the standards for incoming Greek members. But most of all, being Greek is about LEADERSHIP and helping members gain the confidence and skills to be strong, independent, and able to lead, but also to follow. Brothers and sisters are the people that encourage us, strengthen us, and help prepare us for the challenges we face every day whether in the classroom or in our activities.

We encourage you to stop by the Office of Student Life to learn more information about Greek Life at FDU!