Service Organizations


The ASC-US committee is responsible for representing and voicing the students’ needs regarding auxiliary services such as Gourmet Dining food services, the bookstore, laundry rooms and the mail room. It coordinates with the director of auxiliary services in order to voice students’ concerns regarding these essential issues.


BACCHUS is a national organization focused on peer education. BACCHUS provides educational programming highlighting safe, healthy, and constructive behaviors. Members are encouraged to work with other student organizations to promote a safe, supportive,and healthy campus environment.

Campus Health and Public Safety Team, CHAPS

CHAPS provides certified emergency medical services training to members of the campus community. CPR certification, wellness seminars, and other health education programs are hosted by this organization.

Colleges Against Cancer (CAC)

Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) is a program created to help eliminate cancer by initiating and supporting the programs of the American Cancer Society on college campuses. It is a program designed and administered by college students from across the country and is supported by the American Cancer Society. The program is designed to allow students and staff to work through many different channels to eliminate cancer. These channels are our strategic directions — advocacy, cancer education, Relay For Life and survivorship.

Commuter Council

This organization is a representative body for commuter students. This group also plans events that relate to the social life and welfare of commuter students and resident students.

FDU American Red Cross Chapter

The FDU American Red Cross Chapter works alongside the local Bergen-Hudson Chapter in order to engage in ongoing and novel service projects that seek to impact both the local and international community.

FDU Green Team

This organization provides a platform for people interested in making the world a better place by recycling, creating and administering green sustainable initiatives, and being a platform for change.

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HERO Campaign

The HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers chooses to uphold its mission of raising awareness and educating the campus community to prevent drunk-driving tragedies. The goal of the HERO Campaign is to educate students of the consequences of drunk driving while promoting the use of designated drivers through student-based events. The HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers differs from other drunk-driving campaigns by emphasizing the use of designated drivers.

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Massive Nerd Society (MNS)

The purpose of MNS is to promote and foster creativity of anime, manga, comics, video games, fiction literature and Pop culture. In addition, MNS shall provide members a medium to express and connect their “inner nerd” with the FDU community.

Operation Smile

Operation Smile promotes education, awareness, compassion, fundraising and service for children born with facial malformation and other illnesses through volunteering within the University and the community.

Parents Back to School

Provides a support group for parents returning back to school; also serves as a resource for information about child care, transportation, , scholarships, etc., making the transition back as smooth and successful as possible.

Residence Hall Association

The purpose of the Residence Hall Association are to identify and address the needs of resident students; to serve as a liaison between resident students and the rest of the FDU community; and to create, develop and maintain a setting of community living that is educational, stimulating, comfortable and secure.

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Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association acts as the liaison between the University administration and the student body. It supports, encourages and seeks student input in all levels of governance and coordinates the recognition and disbursement of funds to clubs and organizations.

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Student Programming Board

This organization coordinates and implements social, cultural, intellectual, recreational and educational events for all students. The board provides an outlet for creative and entertaining programs ranging from comedians and musicians, to lecturers, performers, day trips and leadership activities.

Veterans and Students Association

Honors the men and women who have served the United States; aims to enhance professional development and networking opportunities for all students, as well as transition assistance for veterans.