Student Organizations

Metro’s 60-plus clubs and organizations reflect the broad interests and backgrounds of Metro students. There are a dozen multicultural clubs celebrating student heritage, numerous academic and professional organizations that connect students to their chosen careers, and a variety of social and volunteer organizations. Most of all, because so many students come to FDU from around the world, there’s an emphasis on bringing people together and getting to know one another.

Service Organizations

These organizations’ mission includes giving back to the university and surrounding community through service, leadership, and professional interaction with the students, staff, faculty, and alums. They promote growth opportunities for the students involved in them and enable them to take up leadership roles within the FDU community.

Multicultural Clubs and Organizations

Fairleigh Dickinson’s Metropolitan Campus boasts over forty different nationalities in the student population. This diversity coupled with a drive to share this with the surrounding community has lead to a host of different Multicultural clubs and organizations. Learn about other cultures, celebrate Black History Month, or share food from a different country by attending some of the many events held by these clubs.

Fine and Performing Arts

We have many thriving performing arts organizations whose main purpose is to fill Fairleigh Dickinson University with the arts. Be it an interest in theatre, photography, design or any of the arts, you will find an organization that will help you pursue your artistic endeavors.

Organizations of Faith

Here you will find representative organizations of all major faiths as well as meeting times for bible studies, lectures, prayer times, and events from the Campus Ministries.

Academic and Professional Clubs and Organizations

For students who are interested in learning more outside the classroom, our academic and professional clubs are for you. They range from business to chemistry, mathematics to literary societies. There is something for everyone who has an interest in outside learning.

Sororities and Fraternities

Fraternities and sororities (from the Latin words frater and soror, meaning “brother” and “sister” respectively) are fraternal social organizations that are mainly geared towards undergraduate students. Fairleigh Dickinson offers many sororities and fraternities that are academic orcultural based along with those that are open to any and all students.

Political Clubs and Organizations

Being so close to the United Nations offers our political clubs close contact to the many political and international hubs of interest. Speakers often include ambassadors of countries, leaders of fields such as that IAEA and Indigenous Peoples, along with senators and congress-people. Many of the organizations hold drives to support efforts overseas and voting within the state.

Sport Clubs

Our sports clubs go hand in hand with the intra-murals that are offered throughout the year from the Fitness Center. They are open to all students, faculty, and staff who have an interest in staying healthy and fit.

Media Organizations

Interested in journalism, broadcasting, or radio? Not only does Fairleigh’s Metropolitan Campus have an award-winning student newspaper, but it offers students the opportunity to learn all types of media and communications endeavors while at school. You can host your own radio show, create short films which are played at the Campus Movie Fest, or have your stories published in the student newspaper or literary magazine.


Student Life: 9AM – 5PM Monday -Friday

Information Booth: 11AM – 11PM Monday – Sunday

SOBO: 12PM – 8PM Monday – Friday