Related Violence

Video Loaner Library

A new video library is available to faculty and staff at Fairleigh Dickinson University to create awareness of attitudes that can lead to domestic and relational violence. This media will be distributed through Dr. David Mednick, co-director of the Student Counseling and Psychological Services, (S-CAPS).  Lending period is one week.

  • Tough Guise – Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity, produced by Media Education Foundation, with comments and statistics by Jackson Katz; in 2 sections, 50-90 minutes. STUDY GUIDE AVAILABLE
  • Killing Us Softly
    • Advertising’s Image of Women, produced by Educational Media Foundation, Jean Kilbourne’s review of the changes in how women are portrayed in the media; 34 minutes. STUDY GUIDE AVAILABLE
  • The Savage Cycle – produced by Intermedia Corporation, a look at how the cycle of violence affects victims and offenders
  • Breaking the Silence – a documentary by Rowan University, on speaking out against dating violence on campus; 20 minutes running time.  INCLUDES A PEER EDUCATION PROGRAM PACKET
  • The Violence Prevention Project – filmed through the NJ Consortium, with comments at Seton Hall and William Paterson. CONTAINS CAMPUS-SPECIFIC RESOURCES
  • The Undetected Rapist – produced through Legal Momentum, a police interview with a rapist who speaks about how he would “groom” his victims; 7 minutes. DISCUSSION GUIDE
  • Circle of Accountability – produced by the Texas Council on Family Violence, information on how offenders can take responsibility. FRIENDS AND FAMILY GUIDE (BILINGUAL)
  • Is This Love? – produced by the Educational Video Center, understanding healthy relationships and how to recognize unhealthy relationship clues. CONTAINS NYC CONTACT INFORMATION
  • Vicious Cycle of Domestic Violence – produced by the Educational Video Center. CONTAINS NYC CONTACT INFORMATION

To borrow a video/DVD, please send a request, including the information below, to Dr. Mednick at T-SU2-03A.

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