Metropolitan Campus Student Counseling and Psychological Services

Student Counseling and Psychological Services (S-CAPS) offers individual and group counseling for students seeking to work through personal problems.

The counselors help students gain a greater understanding of themselves and their values, identify problems and attitudes which contribute to them, explore alternative courses of action and develop skills to cope with the problem(s).

Mission Statement

Student Counseling and Psychological Services complements the academic experience of the student body by facilitating healthy personal, social, and intellectual development of our students. Life circumstances, skills deficits, and/or mental health problems may at times interfere with a student’s ability to successfully achieve important academic and life goals. Our unique environment and role allow us to help students identify their problems, manage their emotions, learn new problem-solving skills, and successfully meet the academic and social challenges of university life. This is accomplished by offering:

  • Counseling, Diagnostic Evaluation, Psychotherapy, Advocacy, and Mental Health Referrals;
  • developmental, preventative, and remedial counseling to university students;
  • consultation, educational and training services to the university community;
  • experiential workshops on essential life skills (i.e., Assertiveness, Stress Management, Sleep Hygiene).

The staff of Student Counseling and Psychological Services seeks to promote human welfare. Consistent with this principle, we believe that every person should be treated with dignity and respect. We value acceptance and appreciation for all differences among people including those of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin, functional ability, socio-economic status, age, religious affiliation, and other characteristics that comprise identity. We strive to provide respectful treatment to students of any background. We believe that valuing cultural diversity facilitates human growth and development and enhances the quality of life on campus and in our community. Therefore, we are committed to enhancing the awareness and understanding of cultural diversity, incorporating this philosophy into our professional activities and clinical services.Lane and Residence Drive (behind University Court 8) 9 AM to 5 PM Monday-Friday by appointment 201-692-2174.

Free to students

Services are provided free of charge to all interested Fairleigh Dickinson University students.


Services are private and confidential.

Corner of Lone Pine Lane and Residence Drive (behind University Court 8)

Contact Information

9 AM to 5 PM
by appointment