Don’t Cancel That Class

If you know you will be unavailable on a particular date we have a solution to your dilemma.  Let us send a substitute instructor.  The staff of Student Counseling and Psychological Services (S-CAPS) can lecture on a variety of topics relevant to college life.  Stress management, assertiveness, test anxiety and alcohol awareness are just a few of the subjects we are prepared to teach (see below for a more complete list of lecture topics.)  We ask that you contact us as soon in advance as possible to avoid scheduling problems, however, we may still be able to assist you with little notice if our schedule allows.  Try us!

In addition to our focus on specific issues and/or life skills, your students will be reminded of free support services offered on our campus. It’s a win-win alternative to class cancellation.

To schedule a substitute instructor, please call ext. 2174.


The following lecture topics include information and training related to student effectiveness skills, threats to academic and social success, and self-care skills. A recent American College Health Association Survey (N=47,000) found: 94% of college students felt overwhelmed at times; 15% received a diagnosis of Depression; and 10% of students had considered suicide.  Therefore, these workshops/lectures can be useful in providing both support and education to our students on some serious issues which are clearly affecting our campus population.

Lecture Topics

  • Stress Management
  • Managing Exam Stress/Test Anxiety
  • Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety
  • Alcohol Awareness/Risk Reduction Strategies/Alcohol Poisoning
  • The Truth about Club Drugs
  • Sleep-Ease/ How to get a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Time Management Skills
  • Relaxation 101/ Turning off the Stress Response
  • Meditation/Mindfulness Skills
  • Common Student Mental Health Issues/Symptoms, and Treatment Options
  • Dealing with Loss/End of Relationship – The Grief Response
  • Overcoming Procrastination-Do It Today!
  • Anger Management/Conflict Resolution
  • The Stress of Being Male/The Myth of “Male Power”
  • Road Blocks in Communication/Effective Listening Skills
  • Assertiveness for College Students
  • Handling Negative Feedback and Criticism
  • Student Mental Health – Stress, Anxiety and Depression