S-CAPS Referrals and Resources

Student Counseling and Psychological Services (S-CAPS) (201) 692-2174
Public Safety (Ext. 2222)(201) 692-2222
24-Hour Psychiatric Emergency Screening Programs
Bergen County(201) 262-HELP
Hudson County(201) 915-2210
Morris County(973) 625-0280
Passaic County(973) 470-3025
Essex County(973) 672-9685
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline1-800-273-TALK
Additional Referral Information
MentalHealthCares (New Jersey)1-866-202-HELP
Rape Crisis Center (Bergen County)(201) 487-2227
Alternatives to Domestic Violence (Bergen County)(201) 336-7575
Eating Disorders Association of NJ1-800-522-2230
Planned Parenthood(201) 489-1140
Addictions Hotline of New Jersey1-800-238-2333
NJ Self-Help Clearing House1-800 452-9790