Upcoming S-CAPS Workshops

Fall 2021 Personal Development Workshops!

Tuesdays from 4-5pm (via Zoom), Thursdays from 12-1pm at Giovatto Library Sammartino Room-Metro

Free for FDU Students, Faculty and Staff

Tuesdays from 4-5pm (via Zoom) Thursdays from 12-1pm at Giovatto Library Sammartino Room-Metro
Tuesday, September 7 – https://fdu.zoom.us/j/98692332218

Thursday, September 9 from 12-1pm

Effective Public Speaking Professor Tina Alaimo LoPonte (Department  of Communication)

Learn how to write and present an effective speech. Be prepared for your next live presentation.

Tuesday, September 14 – https://fdu.zoom.us/j/99159074920

Thursday, September 16 from 12-1pm

How Hope Wins  Kathy Azzaro, LPC (S-CAPS)

Learn how hope can help you relieve stress and give you energy to move forward with your goals.

Tuesday, September 21 – https://fdu.zoom.us/j/92085206876

Thursday, September 23 from 12-1pm

Chill Out: Relaxation 101 Alice Mills, PhD (S-CAPS)

Learn three basic relaxation techniques that can help combat stress, improve sleep, decrease anxiety, and quiet negative emotions.

Tuesday, September 28 – https://fdu.zoom.us/j/92963370913

Thursday, September 30 from 12-1pm

Assertiveness: How to ask for what you want, how to get it and more!  David Mednick, PsyD (S-CAPS)

It is often difficult to ask for things, speak your mind, or make complaints. Learn techniques to communicate your feelings and needs while decreasing stress and arguments.

Tuesday, October 5 – https://fdu.zoom.us/j/99786256327

Thursday, October 7 from 12-1pm

Trauma-Informed Mindfulness and Self-Care During the Pandemic Charles Imbimbo, LCSW (S-CAPS)

Being a college student is stressful, especially during the pandemic. Learn how to de-stress, care for yourself, and improve performance.

Campus Holiday – No Workshop

Thursday, October 14 from 12-1pm

Spiritual Health  Jim Om, MDiv (Director – Campus Ministry)

Learn the importance of being spiritually healthy through reflection and meditation.

Tuesday, October 19 – https://fdu.zoom.us/j/95602542896

Thursday, October 21 from 12-1pm

Better Relationships Bill Maurice, LPC, LCADC (S-CAPS)

Relationships affect academic success. Learn tips and strategies that can help you build and maintain a healthy social support system.

Tuesday, October 26 – https://fdu.zoom.us/j/96045607069

Thursday, October 28 from 12-1pm

Stress: What is it, how do I know if I have it, and how do I manage it? David Mednick, PsyD (S-CAPS)

Stress and anxiety are a normal part of life, though sometimes they worsen such as during the pandemic.  Learn to understand stress reactions and how to manage them to improve functioning and feel better.

Tuesday, November 2 – https://fdu.zoom.us/j/91240455563

Thursday, November 4 from 12-1pm

Dealing with Loss, Grief, and Trauma During the Pandemic Charles Imbimbo, LCSW (S-CAPS)

Death, transitions, and separations are causes of grief, especially during the pandemic. Learn to address loss, grief, and trauma in your life.

Tuesday, November 9 – https://fdu.zoom.us/j/95179242984

Thursday, November 11 from 12-1pm

Mindfulness in Diet and Exercise Scott Fisher, MS, RD (Director-Fitness Center)

Learn how to integrate and practice principles of mindfulness to improve diet and eating habits as well as the quality of your workouts.

Tuesday, November 16 – https://fdu.zoom.us/j/94910806255

Thursday, November 18 from 12-1pm

Resilience Bill Maurice, LPC, LCADC (S-CAPS)

Overcoming adversity, bouncing back, and staying strong are difficult. Protective factors can be useful during these challenging times. Learn how a hardy personality can help ensure success.

Is it Stress or Something More?  Find out with FDU’s Anonymous Self Help Screenings:

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