Upcoming S-CAPS Workshops

SPRING 2022 Personal Development Workshops!

Tuesdays at 4pm (See Zoom Links). Free for FDU Students, Faculty and Staff

Strategies to Stay Fit and Healthy in a Pandemic – Scott Fisher, MS, RD (Director-Fitness Center)

The COVID pandemic has made it difficult for many of us to maintain regular exercise and a healthy diet.  Learn some tips and strategies to help you to adopt and maintain a healthier lifestyle despite the challenges we currently face.

February 15th at 4pm



Mindfulness and Self-CareCharles Imbimbo, LCSW (S-CAPS)

Being a college student is stressful, especially during the pandemic. Learn how to de-stress, care for yourself, and improve performance through mindfulness and other approaches.

February 22nd  at 4pm



Cognitive-Behavioral Strategies for Anxiety & Stress ManagementAlice Mills, PhD (S-CAPS)

What you think CAN hurt you! Learn effective strategies to sort out your worries, decrease distressing emotions and increase your focus and productivity.

March 1st at 4pm



Brain HealthBill Maurice, LPC, LCADC (S-CAPS)

You know about physical health, but how much do you know about brain health? You want the most of your college experience. Step into the driver’s seat of your biological engine that generates 60,000 thoughts per day. Better understanding your brain will help you maximize your investment here.

March 22nd at 4pm



Stress: What is it, how do I know if I have it, and how do I manage it? –  David Mednick, PsyD (S-CAPS)

Stress and anxiety are a normal part of life, though some-times they worsen at times like during the Covid pandemic. Learn to understand stress reactions and how to manage them to improve functioning and feel better.

March 29th at 4pm



Dealing with Loss & Grief Charles Imbimbo, LCSW (S-CAPS)

Death of a loved one, end of a friendship/relationship, and life transitions/changes are among the causes of loss and grief. We will explore how individuals can help themselves through this process.

April 5th at 4pm



Spiritual Health Jim Om, MDiv (Director – Campus Ministry)

Learn the importance of being spiritually healthy through reflection and meditation.

April 12th at 4pm



Resilience Bill Maurice, LPC, LCADC (S-CAPS)

Overcoming adversity, bouncing back, and staying strong are difficult. Protective factors can be useful during these challenging times. Learn how a hardy personality can help ensure success.

April 19th at 4pm



Is it Stress or Something More?  Find out with FDU’s Anonymous Self Help Screenings:

Self-Help Screenings

For more information contact S-CAPS at (201) 692-2174