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Spring 2021 Virtual Personal Development Workshop Series!

Free for FDU Students, Faculty and Staff                                      

Let’s talk about it:

Kathy Azzaro MA, LPC – Feb 9@4 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/94735534154 /Feb 18@12 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/93370778341 Do you feel that your life has been negatively impacted by someone else’s addiction? Individuals who turn to alcohol and drugs to cope with life’s challenges may increase their use during times of uncertainty such as the pandemic. This is an opportunity to share your experience and strategies to cope.

Mindfulness and Self-Care During the Pandemic:

Charles Imbimbo, LCSW – Feb 23@4 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/96337992539 /Feb 25@12 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/98881950318

Being a college student is stressful, especially during the pandemic. Learn how to de-stress, care for yourself, and improve performance using mindfulness and other techniques.

Afraid to Talk? From Zoom Bashful to Public Speaking Anxiety:

Alice Mills, PhD – March 2@4 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/97292912295 /March 4@12 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/96038214868

Do you avoid making phone calls, going on Zoom video or talking in Zoom classes? Do you worry about making mistakes, being watched or feeling embarrassed in social situations? Learn strategies to decrease nervousness and improve your performance.

How to Manage Your Assertiveness Communication with the People You Live with in the Covid-19 Pandemic World:

David Mednick, PsyD – March 9@4 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/93539496471 /March 11@12 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/93880532454

It is often difficult to ask for things, speak your mind, or make complaints to others we live with and interact with. During this worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic, people have been forced to restrict themselves to living with family members and/or others that can create great difficulties in communications and relationships. Learn techniques to best communicate your feelings and needs to others, and with the least amount of stress and arguments.

How Hope Wins:

Kathy Azzaro MA, LPC – March 16@4 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/93370778341 /March 18@12 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/96990026133

There is Hope for the end of the pandemic, systemic racism, climate decay, etc. Learn how Hope can help you relieve stress and give you energy to move forward with your goals.

Healthy Brain, Healthy Life During Covid-19:

Bill Maurice, LPC, LCADC – March 23@4 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/95722886962 /March 25@12 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/97965647419

Your mental health during Covid 19 is impacted by the health of your brain. Yet myths and misinformation cloud our understanding of how the brain works. This is your chance to get the real facts in order to thrive during these difficult times.

How to Manage Stress and Anxiety in the Covid-19 Pandemic World:

David Mednick, PsyD – March 30@4 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/93209341499 /April 1@12 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/93382418500

Stress and Anxiety are normal parts of life at times. However, this worldwide covid-19 pandemic has made most people experience extra stress and anxiety. Learn to understand your reactions to stress and how to manage them better to improve your functioning and feel better given this extra stress.

Better Relationship During Covid-19:

Bill Maurice, LPC, LCADC – April 6@4 pm https://fdu.zoom.us/j/97890713636 /April 8@12 pm https://fdu.zoom.us/j/93201471286

Academic success during Covid 19 is impacted by the quality of our relationships (including the one with yourself). These tips and strategies will help ensure greater success in these areas.

Dealing with Loss and Grief During the Pandemic:

Charles Imbimbo, LCSW – April 13@4 pm https://fdu.zoom.us/j/99359218739 /April 15@12 pm https://fdu.zoom.us/j/98876469767

Death of a loved one, end of a friendship/relationship, and life transitions/changes are among the causes of loss and grief. Currently the pandemic has amplified this experience. We will explore loss and grief and how individuals can help themselves through this process.

Relaxation 101: Find Some PEACE of Mind:

Alice Mills, PhD – April 20@4 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/96557237141 /April 22@12 https://fdu.zoom.us/j/95495223813

Learn additional ways to relieve COVID angst and reduce exam/academic stress. Experience three simple relaxation techniques that may help you to combat stress, enhance sleep, decrease anxiety and quiet negative emotions.

Metro Meditation/Mindfulness Group via Zoom

Reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration and performance, facilitated by Charles Imbimbo, LCSW 4:00 to 4:45 PM, free, join Zoom meeting https://fdu.zoom.us/j/96703493564 meeting ID: 967 0349 3564, for more info email imbimbo@fdu.edu, for the FDU community only.(Wed., Feb.3, 2021 & every Wed, until May 19, 2021.)

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