Student Success Team

Who are we?

The Student Success Team is comprised of a steering committee and focused sub-committees with representatives from all areas of campus life: academic, co-curricular and student support services. 

The mission of the Student Success Team at the Metro campus is to enhance persistence and retention through creating and supporting programs, activities, academic enrichment and effective support services and to facilitate a campus environment that supports a positive and successful college experience for ALL students.

What are we doing?

In order to fulfill that mission our objectives include:

  • The creation of a collaborative campus community to  address the needs of the total student population
  • To promote student engagement in the campus community
  • To develop and provide campus services that promote positive academic and social development
  • To identify and remove barriers to achievement
  • To enhance opportunities for faculty/student connections
  • To create an inclusive and diverse campus environment where each member feels that he/she matters

In order to accomplish our objectives, participation of the ENTIRE campus community is essential working in an open, interactive and collaborative way.