Cost of Living

Once you have been accepted to an academic program at FDU-Vancouver, you should begin to plan for your travel to Vancouver and for your stay there while you pursue your degree.

Begin by applying for your Canadian Student Study Permit as soon as possible. In some cases the processing time can take up to six months.

You will also need to arrange health insurance and accommodation.

Estimated Living Costs

Rent varies from CAD$600 to over a $1000 per month; Homestay Programs start at $900 per month.

Transportation Costs

You can purchase monthly passes which range from C$95 to C$174 per month (depending on where you live).

Entertainment Costs

Estimate C$200 per month
There are a lots free activities in Vancouver too!

Food Costs

Estimate C$250 to C$300 per month (unless living in a Homestay which provides most, if not all, meals).

Medical Costs

In B.C., premiums are payable for MSP coverage and are based on family size and income. Effective January 1, 2018, monthly rates are $37.50 for one adult and $75.00 for a family of two; there are no MSP premiums for children. This does not include prescription medications. Bridge insurance through Guard Me is $2.10 per day for the first three months as new resident in Canada until your MSP coverage starts in your fourth month in Canada.