Many international students enjoy the opportunity to live with a family and share in the rich and rewarding experiences of a Canadian home life. Students can choose from a variety of locations in the city and different types of homestay plans. If you are new to the Vancouver area, Homestay is a very good option as you get settled in.

In a homestay, you will have a private bedroom in the home of a family. Generally, you will join the family for breakfast and dinner and have a lunch to take to school. Arrangements vary between families with regard to joining in family activities and the number of meals. Homestay is a very affordable living option, and will cost about $950/month (price may vary depending on meal arrangements).

  • FDU works in partnership with one of its affiliate schools, ILSC, to offer Homestay to students. The ILSC homestay program has an excellent reputation and they offer a wide range of options for students. The ILSC charges a homestay fee of $300. If you would like to apply for a homestay through ILSC, please complete the FDU-Vancouver Homestay Program Form and return it to us either by email to Jobin Mojtabavi at or by fax to (604) 682-8132. ILSC’s Fee Schedule page explains the costs associated with their homestay.
  • The Vancouver Campus also works with First Choice International Placement which offers quality homestay, airport transportation, and monitored custodial guardianship services to address the unique needs of international students. The placement fee for First Choice is $300. To apply for a homestay, go to First Choice’s application page and either download the application forms that you need or complete your application online. Please note that if you are completing the Custodial Guardianship Application, you will need to fax this in to First Choice International Placement directly (instructions are on the form).

If you any questions or inquiries regarding homestay, please contact Jobin Mojtabavi, Director of Student Services.

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Jobin Mojtabavi