Education is a limitless experience. Learning opportunities can extend beyond a student’s home campus and institutions. Expand your university learning experience with an even greater international study abroad experience.

Fairleigh Dickinson as a university body promotes the ideal of global citizenship and what better embodies that than embracing the opportunity to expand your international learning experience by further studying in another country. Being able to visit other countries and institutions can be a part of your university experience. FDU offers a wide range of opportunities for students to both study abroad at other universities or FDU campuses, as well as for students to come to one of our four campuses.

Fairleigh Dickinson University – Vancouver, our Canadian campus, offers a wide variety of study abroad opportunities, transformative to a student’s life. Obviously, the experience may enrich learning in areas of study but there is life outside of the classroom and this too is influenced through dramatic positive expansion. By giving you the opportunity to see the world from a different part of the world, study abroad is more than just a different point of view. It’s an experience into another culture.

Whether Vancouver Campus is your home campus or your desired destination for study abroad, contact the FDU Study Abroad office for information about the wide range of international experiences you can pursue.