Career Services

Our Mission

Career Development is dedicated to educating and empowering the students of Fairleigh Dickinson University through counseling, guidance, training, and career-related programs. It encourages exploration and professional development in preparation for the world of work and/or further education in pursuit of life balance and a fulfilling career.

Career Development supports Fairleigh Dickinson University’s mission, providing students with the career-related, intercultural, and ethical opportunities and understandings, necessary to participate, lead and prosper in the global marketplace of ideas, commerce and culture.

Job Search Skill Development

Job Search Workshops are delivered by Certified Career Development Professionals who guide students through the latest resources and strategies in their career search. Workshops help students develop skills in resume writing and cover letter writing as well as job interview skills.  

Career Resources

Information on employment opportunities, academic majors, reference materials, periodicals, and career websites can be found in the FDU-Vancouver Library’s Career Resource area. Information on employment and practicum opportunities, labour market updates, and self-help resources can be found on the career services board on the first and second floor of our campus and in the Vancouver Campus Library Career Resource Area.

Employment Opportunities


Get Involved with FDU
Do you want to come on campus, participate in on-campus recruiting, an information session, career fair, or just have general questions about Career Services?

Contact the FDU Vancouver Campus Career Services office at 604-648-4402.


Fairleigh Dickinson University uses Handshake to manage job postings, career fairs, on-campus interviews, etc.

Do you have a great internship, part-time, or full-time position and you would like to hire Fairleigh Dickinson University students/alumni? With excellent academic programs, students, and graduates we are more than happy to assist you with your hiring needs.

Within Handshake, employers may:

Post jobs and internships.
Request and schedule on-campus interviews
Register for career fairs and learn about other events
To register, go to the Handshake registration page

Posting policies

All postings must support the mission of Career Services by providing career-related and ethical opportunities for further growth and understanding. To ensure the quality of services and to protect students, alumni, and staff all postings must abide by the below policies. If a company or opportunity cannot support the mission or breach any policy, the use of services may be terminated.

Additional policies:

All job and company descriptions must be accurate and truthful.
Organizations and their representatives must provide a valid company email address, contact information, and location.
The views and affiliations of political organizations posting positions through CareerQuest DO NOT represent the views and affiliations of Fairleigh Dickinson University.

The Career Services offices will not post in CareerQuest:

Positions requiring any upfront fees, donations, or costs from applicants.
Direct marketing positions.(i.e. phone-selling)
Postings from multi-level marketing companies. (i.e. utilizing a “downline” or “pyramid” strategy)
Postings for commission-only employment. Positions may be listed as “base salary + commission” if it is stated as such in the job description.
Postings requiring a release of personal information at the time of application such as social security numbers, bank account information, etc.
Positions for personal services out of a private residence (i.e. tutor, nanny, driver, yard work, etc.)
Modeling positions.

Third-Party Recruiters:

Third-party recruiters must identify themselves as a third party recruiter as well as provide the name of their organization, and valid contact information.
All job postings from third-party recruiters:
Must clearly state if the posting is for their organization or a client’s.
Must provide accurate job descriptions and include a specific client name and location.
Must abide by the “Posting Policies” and “Additional Policies” as outlined above.

Any of the following may result in removal from the job posting

Harassment of current FDU students, alumni, or staff.
Misrepresentation- dishonesty or absence of information.
Breach of confidentiality as defined by FERPA or any misuse of student information.
All company, job, and internship postings are subject to approval. Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Career Services office reserves the right to refuse a posting if any of the above policies are breached or there are any violations of local, state, or federal law.

Career Counseling Services

Students and Alumni are able to schedule personal sessions with a Career Services counsellor if they require additional assistance in career guidance, job search, or resumes, cover letters, or interviews.

Career Fair Information

The Career Development Office provides information on career fairs for students interested in full-time, part-time, internships, and summer employment. For detailed information concerning Career Fairs, please visit the Office Student Services.

Internship Opportunities

Internships are experiential learning opportunities that provide students with the chance to explore their career interests through work experience while potentially earning three credits in a general or major elective course. For more information, see the program coordinator for your major or the Office of Student Services.

Immigration and Work Permit Opportunities

FDU-Vancouver’s international students qualify for the Off-Campus Work Permit and Post-Graduate Work Permit Programs as well as programs for immigration to Canada. Seminars regarding Immigration and Work Permit opportunities are delivered on the FDU-Vancouver campus by Citizenship and Immigration Canada ( Furthermore, students can get additional counseling and advice regarding these opportunities in the Office of Student Services.


Employers are encouraged to contact the Office of Career Services regarding the following opportunities:

  • On-Campus Recruitment Fairs
  • Presentations to students
  • Internships
  • Online Job Posting Registry

Tips on resume writing, interviewing and more