Florham Commuter Students Association


When it comes to college in general, we understand that being a commuter can be difficult since there are many struggles that we face every day. We often lose motivation to succeed in our own life projects, we don’t have enough time to study or prepare for a special assessment. Many people do not realize that for just being a commuter, we have to wake up early just so we can get ready for our daily lectures, and be there on time. Not to mention the factors involved such as money expenses, gas, transportation, food, the inability to socialize, the difficulty to maintain friendships, having so many responsibilities at home, and many other inconveniences. These are the many reasons why the Commuter Student Association is here, because we want to provide comfort and assistance for our Commuter Students and ease these problems that every commuter faces.

About the CSA

The Commuter Student Association is a voluntary student group whose primary objective is to meet the needs and interests of Commuter Students while also creating a sense of community on campus. Through programming and advocacy with other student clubs, committees, and departments, CSA encourages commuter student integration into the more significant FDU population.

Our Main Goals

  • Ensure that commuters’ necessities are addressed and acknowledged, including Faculty Members.
  • Advertise upcoming events, special notices, and opportunities for commuters.
  • Develop and encourage academic leadership and achievement of commuter students.
  • Promote and facilitate the integration of commuters into campus life and student activities.

The Commuter Student Association is here for you…

As an Association, we want to bring comfort, fun, and an enjoyable experience for all Commuter Students, especially now that we are in a pandemic, and it can be very overwhelming. We want to make sure that all Commuter Student’ needs are addressed, acknowledged, and met to have a safe environment on campus. We as an Association wish to let you know that we are here for you in any way possible because we want to make sure that every commuter is involved and heard.

The Commuter Lounge

Located in the Stadler-Zenner Building, next to the Rice Lounge. It might be a small room, however, it’s a place where commuters hangout, socialize and enjoy a delicious meal while also doing class work and studying for tests. We have a patio connected to the Rice Lounge where they can enjoy the outdoors as well

Members of the Commuter Council

  • Ashley Torres – President
  • Monett Ibragimtchaev – Vice President
  • Bryan Aguilar – Secretary
  • Irving Adame – Treasurer
  • Lisa Lentine – Social Media Manager