Art History Students Welcome Lady Aurelia Young to Wroxton

A woman with gray hair poses in front of a column of interior bricks at Wroxton Abbey.

Lady Aurelia Young

April 22, 2024 — Art history students at Wroxton College and an audience of Wroxton College supporters, heard Lady Aurelia Young speak on the life and work of her father, the sculptor Oscar Nemon, on April 11.

Young was born and educated in Oxford, England, where she and her siblings grew up around her father’s studio in Boar’s Hill. Young, who married Lord Young of Cookham (formerly the Government Chief Whip), has led a varied and busy life in local politics and as the wife of a politician, as well as looking after her four children.

After her father died in 1985, Young began the researching his life and works.

Nemon, a portrait sculptor, sculpted leading figures of the 20th century — from politicians to royalty. From a Jewish Hungarian/Croatian background, he was forced to flee his home country from the Nazis, making his way via Belgium to Britain in 1939.

A man stands in front of two sculptures.

Artist Oscar Nemon (left) with his sculpture of Winston Churchill (center) and Winston Churchill’s sculpture of Nemon (right).

Among his enormous output of work, Nemon created a bronze full figure of Sir Winston Churchill, which stands in the halls of the Houses of Parliament. Nemon became Churchill’s favorite sculptor and is the subject of the only sculpture Churchill himself attempted.

Young shared archival images during her talk, and has produced a book, Finding Nemon.

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