Landing an Ace with Head Coach Karl France

A group of men's volleyball players and one female coach stands around another man as he hypes them up for their game.

(Photo Larry Levanti)

In 2021, Division I Knights athletics announced the addition of its 20th sport — men’s volleyball. Shortly, after the announcement, Karl France was named the first head coach in program history. Now in its second season and inaugural season as the 25th Northeast Conference championship sport, take a few minutes to meet Coach France and learn about what it is like to play on his attack line.

Karl France: I am from the Coney Island neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

KF: We usually start with a short talk with information for the team and what’s to come. The team moves into a dynamic warm-up then an assortment of ball control drills and blocking footwork.

KF: In practice, I expect the team to focus 100% for this period of time and block out the many distractions that swirl around 17-22-year-olds. The time we have is precious so I would like to work hard and work fast so the focus can then shift to their academic pursuits.

KF: Our squad has a number of diverse personalities, and they are in full display during a match. We have some creative people who look to distract opponents and look to lift their teammates during the course of action. I love their enthusiasm.

KF: I think that there are more than a few places that come to mind. A location that has a great atmosphere for our sport would be ideal. If I had to choose one, I would select the University of Hawaii, Manoa. Some others would be UCLA, Long Beach State, and UCI.

To learn more about men’s volleyball visit FDU Men’s Volleyball

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