Longtime Public Administrator Awarded FDU Diploma

A 90-year-old graduate in Commencement regalia holds up her diploma.

Gloria Levitt, FDU Class of 2023!

A professor, a college president and a 90-year-old graduate student smile for a photo.

Gloria Levitt with Dr. Peter Woolley and FDU President Michael Avaltroni

May 4, 2023 — In the early 1970s, Gloria Levitt began studying at FDU’s Teaneck-Hackensack Campus, as it was then called. She completed all her classes for the Master of Public Administration degree, but with a young family to raise, she was unable to finish her thesis. Gloria went on to have a successful career in public administration for more than 40 years, including working for the U.S. Social Security Administration. She also was a member of the Bergen County Senior Citizen Legislative Advisory Council. In addition, she has been active in local government in her hometown of Fair Lawn, New Jersey, and she started the Fair Lawn Environmental Commission and served as a Bergen County Committeewoman.

FDU, led by Peter Woolley, the founding director of the School of Public and Global Affairs, worked with her family to review her many years of outstanding service in public administration and local government, and the Faculty Senate approved the completion of her program.

“Gloria completed 36 credits — with excellent grades. Then her final project was entered as an “I” for “incomplete,” said Wooley. “I took her case to the Faculty Senate to vote to approve a grade change and her graduation based on her years of service in public administration.”

FDU is proud to include with the Class of 2023, 90-year-old Gloria Levitt.

Congratulations, Gloria!

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