Learning Specialist at the Regional Center on Metro campus, Adjunct Professor, Peter Sammartino School of Education

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  • Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities
  • Introduction to Students with Disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Practicum: Diagnosis/Remediation I and II
  • Metacognitive Strategies II


  • Using Standardized Data to Support College Students with LD
  • Working Memory
  • Working and applied strategies to support student success


  • BA, Ball State University
  • MA, Ball State University


Ronnie Thompson is a Learning Specialist at the Regional Center for Learning Disabilities and Adjunct Professor in the Education Department. She is in charge of accommodations testing for incoming students and teaches graduate courses having to do with diagnosing and working with students with disabilities. She is a Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician (NCED) who earned degrees in Secondary English Education, Deaf Education, Learning Disabilities, and Emotionally Disturbed. She holds several NJ teaching certificates including: Teacher of the Handicapped, Secondary English Education, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Elementary Education, Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant, and Supervisory. She also holds certificates in Inclusionary Education and Multisensory Reading.