The Acting minor offers a foundation in the diverse aspects of contemporary theater. The minor focuses on the collaborative approach to theatrical production, allowing students to study both the practical and academic aspects of theater. Students emerge with knowledge of acting, directing, stagecraft, and dramaturgy/theater history. Minors are also encouraged to audition for or to crew departmental productions on our main stage proscenium theater in Dreyfuss and our newly renovated black box, the Barn Theater. Between these spaces, we mount a full season of musicals, classics, and contemporary productions each year, providing opportunities for hands-on application of classroom learning.

Required Courses (15 credits)

Course Descriptions

  • THEA1110 This course is designed to provide students with some basic acting techniques. Regardless of previous training and experience, if any, this class will give students a strong foundation on which to build in terms of concentration, focus, motivation, and presentation. This course will include physical and vocal warm-ups, improvisation, conflict exercise, monologue and scene work. Emphasis will be placed on practical execution as well as academic theory.

  • THEA1201 Understanding theater as live performance through lectures, discussion and experimentation with old and new ideas on staging and production. The student will explore the use of the stage and the function of music, movement, the actor's art and the director's art based on scripts from the Greeks through the time of Shakespeare. Spring

  • THEA1202 Since the time of Shakespeare "Modern Theater" has blossomed and flourished all over the globe. Through lectures, readings, class discussions, viewings of live stage performances and films, students will explore trends that led to modern drama, including the golden age of Spain, German Romanticism, the poetic realism of Chekhov, Asian theatre, the American musical and avant garde theatre. Theater projects and theater trips. Offered every semester.

  • THEA2005 A study of the basic theory and techniques of directing. Organization, basic staging and composition will be studied as well as script analysis, casting and working with actors.

  • THEA2209 This course has been structured to stress basic design concepts that are then translated into the construction of sets for all plays presented by the department. Fall

  • THEA2220 This course will follow the same format as Basic Acting II for Majors, but will be restricted to NON-Majors only. (A continuation and development of Basic Acting I, with a particular emphasis on scene study, monologs and auditioning skills.)

  • THEA2255 Through writing and revising a play, students discover and explore the dramatic form. Emphasis is placed on the nature and development of conflict and strategies for resolution.