FDU’s innovative Bachelor of Arts and Master of Sports Administration (BA/MSA) five-year combined degree program allows students to turn their passion for sports into a career. The sports industry is one of the largest areas of commerce in the United States, producing more than $213 billion annually. Each year, there’s a growing demand among employers for knowledgeable and skilled professionals in this exciting and competitive field. Get ready to jump-start your sports career after earning your Bachelor of Arts in Sports Administration plus a Master of Sports Administration in just five years!

Program description

In this highly personalized, interdisciplinary program, studies in sports administration start on the first day of class. Students take sports-related courses plus classes that sharpen their business, information systems, and communications abilities. Courses prepare students for leadership responsibilities in such areas as professional sports administration, facility and event management, sports marketing and communications, athletic administration, advertising and promotion, and coaching.

The BA/MSA combined degree program is offered in-person on both FDU’s Metropolitan Campus in Teaneck and Florham Campus in Madison.

Program highlights

Here are just some of the advantages students find as a BA/MSA major at FDU:

  • A great location. Our Metropolitan Campus is just eight miles from New York City, one of the largest sports and athletic markets in the nation. It will become an integral part of your learning experience — with guest speakers, field trips, internships, and more.
  • Experience counts. Our networking and internship programs will give you the opportunity for hands-on learning with accomplished sports professionals, teams, and organizations.
  • Learning here is personal. With a 15:1 faculty/student ratio and an average class size of 20, your professors will get to know you by name.
  • Get career-ready faster. Earning both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years saves you time and money.
  • An education that’s affordable. We work hard to make FDU a smart, affordable college choice for every interested student. The University offers generous scholarships of up to $20,000 a year. And more than four of every five students attending the University receive financial aid and scholarship support.


For students interested in enrolling in the combined BA/MSA program, please contact FDU’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions by phone at 1-800-338-8803 or via email at admissions@fdu.edu.


View required courses and a typical degree plan for BA/MSA students on the Florham Campus.

View required courses and a typical degree plan for BA/MSA students on the Metropolitan Campus.

Program learning outcomes

BA/MSA courses provide theoretical concepts directly related to practical applications. These courses have learning exercises as well as research requirements that generally are applied projects. As an applied program, students are required to demonstrate comprehension of the more abstract components of the course into a research project that can, in principle and reality, be utilized in the workplace

  1. Communication – A BA/MSA graduate will demonstrate the ability to prepare and deliver effective oral presentations and or write documents that present and evaluate information and opinion in a logical and analytical manner, incorporating research and documentation, and using style, grammar, mechanics, and format appropriate to an educated audience.
  2. Information Literacy – A BA/MSA graduate will demonstrate the ability to carry out thorough and effective information search strategies using traditional print, digital, and internet sources, evaluate information accessed, and use this information along with existing knowledge to create something new.
  3. Critical Thinking – A BA/MSA graduate will demonstrate competency in critical thinking that encompasses dimensions of informal logic and ethical analysis.
  4. Quantitative Literacy – A BA/MSA graduate will demonstrate the ability to analyze and interpret quantitative information.

Career options

  • Athletic Director
  • Brand Marketing Manager
  • Media Relations Director
  • Sport Event Manager
  • Tournament Director
Contact Information
Dr. Robyn Lubisco, Program Director at Florham Campus
201-692-7180 (Metro Campus)
973-443-8971 (Florham Campus)
Contact Information
Dr. J.C. Kim, Program Director at Metropolitan Campus