The major in management is designed for students who wish to develop the interpersonal and management skills they can use starting with their first professional job, as well as developing a long-term perspective and value system which will serve them their entire careers.

Management department course offerings emphasize:

  • An approach to classroom instruction that engages the student in the learning process
  • Concentration on knowledge and skill sets that are practical and useable
  • A global perspective that emphasizes ethics and long-term sustainable business practices
  • The use of team-based teaching and learning

It is our goal that our management majors will:

  • Receive solid conceptual grounding in management disciplines
  • Develop competencies to become highly effective individually and with others
  • Develop and demonstrate these competencies with hands-on learning, including work on real-world projects and service to the community
  • Undergo rigorous assessment of their overall accomplishments
  • Enter a fast track to successful and rewarding careers

Career and Internship Opportunities

  • Our students concentrating in human resources have received great internship opportunities at Johnson & Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Hilton Hotels, Movado Watches, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, and more
  • Our recent human resources graduates have great human resources careers at Ralph Lauren, Dun & Bradstreet, Mars Chocolate, NBC Universal, MetLife, Wyndham, Celgene, Bloomberg, and more
  • Our students concentrating in leadership intern and are employed in a wide variety of fields and organizations including Sony, Barclays, Merrill Lynch, Novartis, Goldman Sachs, Remx Staffing. U.S. Sports Institute, Prudential, PSEG, Urban League, Xerox and more

Connections and Networking

  • Our human resources students are personally connected with professional human resources mentors from our executive and young alumni advisory boards who also visit class and find opportunities for students. Board members work at such companies as BASF, Novartis, ADP and Michael Kors. We have our own LinkedIn group for students, alumni and mentors.
  • All human resources juniors and seniors receive a FREE student membership in The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) – the world’s leading professional organization for human resources, providing access to exclusive seminars, networking opportunities and career search resources. (starting Fall 2019)
  • All human resources graduates receive FREE prep materials for the aPHR certification exam – an important credential for early career human resources professionals. (starting Fall 2019)

Degree Requirements

Students pursuing a BS in management will be required to choose a concentration in either human resources management or leadership. To attain a BS in management, students must take four required management courses in addition to three courses from either concentration.

All students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Degree program must complete the University and Business Core Curriculum in addition to the major requirements listed below. Any student interested in pursuing a minor should refer to the list of minors offered at the Silberman College of Business.

Required Management Courses

Leadership Concentration

Elevate your career

Leadership skills are important in any industry.

  • Teamwork is the number one skill employers want (Forbes)
  • Tech-related organizations are almost twice as likely to prioritize collaboration skills (Forbes)
  • Teamwork and project management skills are essential to job mobility and success (Business-Higher Education Forum)
  • Leadership skills are essential for career advancement-Lack of leadership skills is the most common reason why executives derail (Center for Creative Leadership)
  • Motivate teams to develop innovative solutions.
  • Lead teams to become more effective.
  • Create blueprints for successful project using your project management skills.
  • A major or minor in Leadership can bring your vision to life. Our Leadership program can help you get there.

A degree in management with a concentration in leadership provides fun, hands-on leadership skill training including project management experience and personal leadership development led by some of Silberman’s best faculty. We offer a minor in Leadership for both Silberman College of Business students and those in other FDU colleges.

Required Leadership Course

Select two of the following leadership courses

Human Resource Management Concentration

Imagine working in a field that is growing, in-demand, and is something every company in every industry needs.

  • Glassdoor lists Human Resources Manager the #6 Best Job in the US, based on earnings and career advancement
  • Entry-level human resources professionals earn above-average starting salaries, about $64,000, with fast salary growth (
  • The demand for human resources management specialists is expected to grow 20 – 28% over the next decade (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Imagine going to work every day with the chance to hire people, develop their skills, and design cutting-edge training, compensation and evaluation plans. Imagine working as a trusted advisor to business units and top management, designing programs to both increase productivity and enhance employees’ work experiences.

Imagine being able to use your communication, creativity, problem-solving and leadership skills.

Pursuing a career in human resources management can make these a reality. Our human resources management program can help you get there. The program is a fun, challenging, practical project-based learning led by some of Silberman’s best faculty complemented by a team of human resources professionals.

Human Resources Required Courses

The MGMT 4499 Internship in Human Resources course may be used as a substitute either MGMT 3710 or MGMT 3720.

Course Descriptions

  • MGMT3100 Making ethical decisions is an everyday occurrence in organizations. In this course, you will explore your own values and moral leadership character. In addition, we will explore best practices, policies, and typical procedures for dealing with common ethical issues in organizations, and how to audit and evaluate an organization. Finally, you will learn how to critically, evaluate moral dilemmas that are typically faced by managers.

  • MGMT3371 In a globalized world, conducting business internationally has become the norm. In this course, you will learn the importance of national culture and how it impacts business decision making across nations. This course will teach you differences in negotiation strategies, why business dinners differ in Latin America from China, and how best to train expatriates for their assignments abroad. You are in the process of becoming a global citizen. By applying management concepts and strategies to global business, you will learn how to become a multicultural expert in international management.

  • MGMT3400 This course is an introduction to the broad, interdisciplinary field of sustainability management. It focuses on understanding and solving complex world challenges as future civic and business leaders from a whole-systems perspective -recognizing the interaction between environmental, social, and economic factors and the interdependence of business and society. It examines the importance of responsible behavior and the potential advantages that sustainability practices can provide to various stakeholders and the types of organizations that serve them. It creates a foundation for understanding how various functional disciplines contribute to effective sustainability behavior, leadership and management, and discusses potential sustainability career paths.

  • MGMT3610 Leading in a team-based environment requires a combination of skills. In this course students will increase their self-awareness and personal effectiveness and learn self-leadership. Strengthening their interpersonal skills, they will come to understand their impact on groups. They will practice shared leadership, learning how to distribute leadership within their teams. Students will provide real-time consulting or service to a nonprofit organization to learn the process of developing and leading an effective team. Teams will work both face to face and virtually to learn how to function effectively in a technological, global environment.

  • MGMT3620 Have you ever managed other people? If so, you know it can be very challenging. If you progress in your career, its highly likely you will soon be expected to be a good manager and leader, regardless of your functional specialty. So this course is for you. It focuses on developing the skill set and self-awareness that is essential to effective leadership. Self-assessments and guided exercises will provide students with greater insight into their leadership styles. In fact, this course will prepare students to exercise authentic, responsible leadership in all facets of their lives.

  • MGMT3700 Are you interested in learning how companies hire, develop, and evaluate and pay their employees? Knowing how these processes work is essential for anyone who supervises others, and can help prepare you for a career in HR. it gives you a leg up in understanding what employers look for in job candidates and how they make their decisions. In this course, you will learn important aspects of analyzing jobs, as well as recruiting, selecting and training employees in order to find the right candidate for the right job. You will lean the importance of providing feedback and how compensation, employee retention and organizational success are interrelated. This class uses lecture, discussion, hands-on learning, and exposure to HR professionals, so that you will learn the basics of various HR functions and understand how HR plays a vital role business.

  • MGMT3710 Learn the strategies that top companies use to source, recruit, select and retain their best employees. Develop skills in job analysis, interviewing and negotiating that will help you prepare for a career in management or human resources. In addition to lecture and discussion this course makes extensive use of hands-on learning to help you understand the fundamentals of strategic staffing and gain insights that will make you more effective when you apply and interview for a new job.

  • MGMT3720 You will develop essential knowledge and skills needed for careers in human resource management, specifically in the areas of training & development and performance management. In this project-based class, you will design and implement effective training and development opportunities, gain experience with performance evaluation techniques (e.g., goal-setting, feedback, etc.), and learn how compensation is used to strategically reinforce performance management.

  • MGMT4498 The student will work as an intern in an organizational setting. This internship provides students with the opportunity to apply and integrate theory as well as a faculty mentor to lead the academic component of the internship experience.

  • MGMT4499 This course will provide the student with an internship in a growing company and the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in working in an entrepreneurial environment. The student will be consulted, and his or her academic background, work experience and career goals will be carefully reviewed prior to assignment. Personal and career development will be reviewed at frequent intervals during the program.

  • MGMT4640 This course integrates what students have learned about personal effectiveness, team management skills, and strategic analysis to learn more advanced leadership theories and apply to a challenging project. Organizing the whole class into a single "enterprise," students will take on a more ambitious service project than previously to serve a non-profit organization or charity. They will encounter the challenge of deciding how to design a complex organization and work on the needed coordination and communication across subgroup lines and up and down a hierarchy. By the end of the course, students will have completed a hands-on experience of leadership and change management, with all the inevitable challenge of discerning a way forward with an unstructured problem and overcoming obstacles to achieve an ambitious goal to benefit a worthy course.

  • MGMT4730 HRM can be an essential driver of business success. In this class, which builds on prior management and HRM course work, you will study HR strategy. The class will explore how employee-oriented management, HR policies, and organizational development are central to implementing organizational strategy and to effectiveness in functional areas throughout business organizations. We will also discuss the management of workforce changes (i.e. mergers, acquisitions, and reductions), HR performance metrics, global HR and corporate social responsibility.