The Minor or Certificate in Hospitality Management is primarily configured for undergraduates majoring in Sport Management, and is not available to those majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Innovation and Excellence or Luxury Hospitality Management. Whether taken as a minor or as a certificate, it is only offered at the undergraduate level.

Program Objectives

The objective of this certificate/minor is to give an additional career track credential to Sports Administration students interested in a sub sector within the Sport Management field.

  • Identify career paths in hospitality within the Sport Management field.
  • Identify and analyze Financial Statements related to Hospitality Operations.
  • Create an awareness of the impact of the role that human resources plays on the selection and management of talent.
  • Design and implement sales events and create a full-cycle customer relationship management system.

For more information contact:

Donald Hoover, 609-432-7297

Dr. Iris Gersh, 973-443-8271/973-443-8271

Required Courses

  • HRTM 2210 Sales and Marketing for Hospitality Managers
  • HRTM 2211 Financial Accounting
  • HRTM 3203 Food and Beverage Management
  • HRTM 3207 Lodging Operations and Revenue Management
  • HRTM 3209 Human Resource Management

Admission Requirements

Transfer Students and Advanced Standing

Transfer students will have completed 24 or more college-credit hours at an accredited post-secondary institution. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended must be submitted. A high school transcript need not be submitted unless requested by the admissions office. Applicants with less than 24 credits earned are considered students with advanced standing, and must submit their official high school transcript and SAT or ACT test scores in addition to college transcripts.

Evaluation of Previous Academic Work

Students with an Associate in Arts (AA) or an Associate in Science (AS) Degree can transfer in a maximum of 64 credits. Students from other four-year institutions can transfer in up to 96 credits. Course work with earned grades of A through C will be considered for transfer credit. Any transfer student who has earned an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) at a New York or New Jersey community college, and is applying for a Bachelor of Arts program, is able to fulfill their General Education requirements at FDU. Some exceptions may apply.

Community College Transfer Students

FDU Policy Re Transfer Students and General Education Credits

All incoming students with a completed AA/AS degree from a community college in NJ/NY will arrive with all of their Gen Ed requirements fulfilled (including UNIV core) — with the exception of any specific courses and prerequisites required for any given Major or Minor.

Students arriving from any community college or four-year institution without an AA/AS degree will have their incoming credits applied course for course.

If a student from a four-year institution in NJ or NY has with them an AA/AS degree from that same institution, then they will be considered to have met the General Education requirements with the same caveat as applies to those coming from NJ/NY community colleges.

Students are responsible for making certain their transcripts are submitted in a timely manner so that they can be evaluated for full credit.

Fairleigh Dickinson University has articulation agreements with most New Jersey community colleges. Prospective community college transfer students are encouraged to contact the transfer counselor at their community college for more information or call the FDU Admissions Office at 800-338-8803. More information about transferring courses from a community college to a four-year college or university in New Jersey is also available at

Contact Information
Dr. Iris Gersh, Program Director

Course Descriptions

  • HRTM2210 Provides hospitality students with an understanding of marketing plans, market segmentation, positioning, sales strategies, con- sumer behavior, advertising and promotion, pricing theory, and hospitality group sales as they apply to the hospitality industry.

  • HRTM2211 This course emphasizes specific accounting information and procedures needed by hospitality students to become productive managers. Topics include Uniform System of Accounts, budget- ing, cost behavior and standard costs as related to various areas of the industry.

  • HRTM3203 The course emphasizes the food and beverage concepts essential to all hospitality managers. Areas such as menu planning, beverage operations, food-production systems, food-service and delivery systems are studied.

  • HRTM3207 Techniques and strategies in the organization and management of hospitality systems such as business, finance, work, marketing, reservations, food service, guest service, supply and control are studied. Course emphasizes quality assurance, guest satisfaction and process improvement.

  • HRTM3209 A comprehensive approach to the management of human resources and supervision in hospitality organizations. The course includes techniques of labor planning, job specifying, scheduling, dealing with organized labor, training, supervising, motivating and improving productivity.