(for non crim just majors)

Student have to take the two required courses which are CRIM1101 and CRIM1102.

Require Courses

  • CRIM1101 Introduction to Criminal Justice                                                        
  • CRIM1102 Criminology and Social Theory                                

Elective Courses                      

Students may select from any 3 Criminal Justice courses.

Course Descriptions

  • CRIM1101 The objective of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview and understanding of the United States Criminal Justice System. In context to the philosophical underpinnings of the U.S. Constitution and the historical, social, and political development of the United States, this course will examine the three major components of the criminal justice system: (1) police and law enforcement, (2) courts and adjudications, and (3) corrections. The framework of the course will evolve about the concepts of social order and control, theories of criminality, the legislation, enforcement, and adjudication of criminal laws, the remediation of criminal behavior, and the influence of public policy in the administration of justice.

  • CRIM1102 This course examines the theoretical perspectives on the nature and causes of crime, criminal behavior and criminality. Topics include the nature of law, types of crimes, deviancy and examina- tion of biological, psychobiological, psychological and socio- logical theories of crime causation.