The globalization and society minor provides students with an understanding of the complex phenomenon of globalization. By using the disciplinary perspectives of anthropology, communication, economics, literature and sociology, the minor provides students with two things. One, it expands their disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge. Second, it makes them better prepared for employment opportunities in an inter-connected world.

The minor is offered jointly by the department of Literature, Language, Writing and Philosophy and the department of Social Sciences and History.

Since most theorization of globalization is rooted within the sociological perspective, students are required to take SOCI 2248 Globalization, Culture, and Identity and five other courses from the following list, making selection from at least two different disciplines.








  • LITS3303 World Folk Literature: Tales of Wonder
  • ENGL3044 SS: The Environment in Literature and Culture
  • ENGL3045 Myth
  • ENGL3065 Contemporary World Literature
  • ENGL3066 Nobel Literature
  • ENGL3070 Women Writers
  • ENGL4435 Children’s Literature





  • PHIL2205 Social and Political Philosophy


Political Science



  • SOCI2248 Globalization and Culture
  • SOCI2319 SS: Nationalism and Ethnicity
  • SOCI2950 Identity Puzzle
  • SOCI3001 Minorities in the Middle East
  • SOCI3337 Social Movements and Social Change
  • SOCI3354 Conflict in Social and Cultural Perspectives
  • SOCI3501 Globalization and World Citizenship
  • SOCI3365 Sociology of Religion
  • SOCI 4430 Comparative Studies of Middle East Constitutions

Course Descriptions