The professional studies concentration is for certified teachers who want a generalist master’s degree. Applicants for this program must hold a NJ CEAS or Standard Certificate (or the equivalent from another state). This program will allow candidates to match their professional goals with the programs offered in the M.A. for Certified Teachers.  Candidates may select from several specializations to fulfill their program requirements. 

Also, candidates may choose to complete the 12 credits leading to a New Jersey Supervisor License. To obtain the Supervisor’s Certificate, candidates need a master’s degree and three years of successful teaching.

A faculty advisor will work closely with candidates to monitor their program and course selections.

Degree Plan

M.A. in Education Generalist Educational Program

  • EDUC6584     Computers as a Teacher’s Aid: Curriculum & Instruction
  • EDUC7674     Master’s Seminar: Research in Specialization
  • EDUC6702     Curriculum and Instruction: Theory and Practice
  • EDUC6703     Supervision of Instruction & Personnel Evaluation
  • EDUC6704     Curriculum/Program Evaluation and Student Assessment
  • EDUC6718     Change: Curriculum Development & Program Improvement
  • EDUC6661     The Multicultural Classroom

Candidates may complete 18 credits from one or more of the sections/programs listed below.

Literacy/Reading Specialist Option without Certificate or State Endorsement

  • EDUC6582     Distance Learning & Children’s Literature
  • EDUC6605     Foundations in Reading I
  • EDUC6606     Foundations in Reading II
  • EDUC6673     Integrating Literacy & Technology Across the Curriculum

Teacher of Students with Disabilities Option without Certificate or State Endorsement

  • EDUC6740    Introduction to Students with Disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • EDUC6744     Foundations: Historical, Philosophical, & Legal Issues Related to Disabilities
  • EDUC6745     Principles & Practices of Collaboration and Inclusion
  • EDUC6746     Learning Environment and Effective Management of Teaching & Learning

English as a Second language Option without Certificate or State Endorsement

  • EDUC6565     Second Language Acquisition: Methodology and Curriculum
  • EDUC6573     Comparative Phonology for Language Teachers
  • EDUC6574     Applied Linguistics for Language Teachers

Instructional Technology Option without FDU Certificate

  • EDUC6673     Integrating Literacy & Technology Across the Curriculum
  • EDUC7784     Multimedia Production
  • EDUC7785     Internet for Educators
  • EDUC7796     Projects Based on the Web

Mathematics Education Specialist Option without FDU Certificate

  • MATH6507     World of Mathematics: Number
  • MATH6508     World of Mathematics: Algebra
  • MATH6509     World of Mathematics: Geometry
  • MATH6511     World of Mathematics: Integrating Technology
  • MATH6513     World of Mathematics: Mathematics in Science

Professional Studies Concentration Requirement

Frequently Asked Question

Is it possible to obtain a certification in an area such as Instructional Technology, ESL, Teacher of the Handicapped, or Literacy?

Yes, candidates may earn a license or certificate by applying courses completed in the Professional Studies concentration with the additional requirements as outlined under the various programs. The approval of a faculty advisor is necessary for candidates wishing to pursue this path.