Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TSD)

This is a non-degree program for licensed regular classroom teachers who seek to develop expertise in working with exceptional students in grades K-12. Candidates who successfully complete this program will be eligible for New Jersey’s Department of Education certification as Teacher of Students with Disabilities. This license is required for teaching students with disabilities in settings such as inclusive classrooms, resource centers, or self-contained classrooms.

Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TSD) is a 21-credit approved New Jersey Certification in TSD as second certification, plus 12 credits toward the Supervisor License and 3 credits to complete the master’s degree.

MA Education (15 credits)

  • EDUC6702     Curriculum and Instruction: Theory and Practice
  • EDUC6703     Supervision of Instruction & Personnel Evaluation
  • EDUC6704     Change: Curriculum Development & Program Improvement
  • EDUC6718     Curriculum/Program Evaluation and Student Assessment
  • EDUC7674     Master’s Seminar: Research in Specialization

Teacher of Students with Disabilities Courses (21 Credits)

  • EDUC6740*    Introduction to Students with Disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • EDUC6744     Foundations: Historical, Philosophical, & Legal Issues Related to Disabilities
  • EDUC6745     Principles & Practices of Collaboration and Inclusion
  • EDUC6746     Learning Environment and Effective Management of Teaching & Learning.
  • EDUC6747     Multisensory Reading Instruction for Students with Reading Disabilities
  • EDUC7623     Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities
  • EDUC7624     Correction of Learning Disabilities* EDUC6740 is Pre or Co-requisite for all courses.