(for non-Political Science majors)

A minor in Political Science requires students to complete 15 credits of the following courses:

  • POLS1101 Introduction to Political Science
  • POLS1102 Geography and World Issues
  • POLS2204 International Relations
  • POLS2231 Comparative Government and Politics
  • POLS2253 American Government

Course Descriptions

  • POLS1101 The basic concepts of the discipline, its schools of thought, its subfields and terminologies. Fall

  • POLS1102 Theory and practice of government and politics. Spring

  • POLS2204 The state system and the basic principles regulating international relations; Power and use and threat of force; nationalism, imperialism, diplomacy, the transnational economy, international law and organization.

  • POLS2231 Comparison of the development and functions of governmental institutions of selected modern political systems.

  • POLS2253 Federalism, with emphasis on the national government, politics and the relation of the individual to the central government.