The School of the Arts, Maxwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences, offers a 15-credit theater arts minor for non-art and non-fine arts majors at the Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, New Jersey.

Students who desire a theater arts minor, and who are not majoring in fine arts, may enroll in this program. A selection of courses totaling at least 15 credits, and arranged with the guidance of a fine arts adviser, is required.


A minor in theater for non-fine arts majors consists of 15 credits beyond the core.

Required Courses:


Take 9 credits from the following:

• THEA 1111: Introduction to Acting 2

• THEAH/CREWH Playwriting and Dramatic Structure

• LITS 3553 Shakespeare and Film

• LITS3213 Shakespeare I

• LITS3214 Shakespeare II

• DAN1320 Beginning Dance

• DAN2601 Modern Dance

• DAN2021 Ballet I

• DAN 2700 Hip Hop

• DAN 1130 Jazz

• SPCH 1155 Public Speaking

• LITS 3388 FDU at the RSC: Shakespeare’s Blueprint, from Page to Stage*

• SPCH/THEA 3368 FDU at the RSC: Shakespeare in Practice, Acting*

• THEA 3378 FDU at the RSC: Shakespeare in Practice, Design, & Management*

• MUSIC 3398 FDU at the RSC: Musical Theater C

*FDU at the RSC courses are provided through partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company and Stepping Stone Performing Arts.

For Information

Stacie Lents, Director of Theater Program, Maxwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences
Professor of Theater