The objective of the certificate is to provide broad-based expertise in computer programming language, including C++, VB .Net a database language. Over 200 contact hours of class instruction.


A high school diploma

Curriculum Plan

15 credits (5 courses) to be chosen from the following.


Course Descriptions

  • CSCI1105 History of computers, hardware and software systems, files and data bases, algorithms, personal computers, computer communications and networking, computers and society: applications, issues and responsibilities. (No credit for computer science majors.)

  • CSCI1201 Elements of algorithm design and problem solving. Elementary data types and arrays. Static and dynamic type checking. Basic control structures and data flow: sequential, conditional, iterative. Assignment statements. Basic input/output. Elements of methods. Design, coding and implementation of programs in various areas using a language such as Java. (Equivalent to INFO 2101 Computer Programming for Information Technologists I)

  • CSCI1202 Stepwise refinement as a programming tool.Data abstraction and modules. Objects and classes. Inheritance and Polymorphism. Advanced put/output. Elements of debugging and testing. Design,coding and implementation of programs in various areas using a language such as Java. Prerequisite:grade of C or better in either CSCI 1201 Computer Programming I or INFO 2101 Computer Programming for Information Technologists I (Equivalent to INFO 2102 Computer Programming for Information Technologists II)

  • CSCI2215 Introduction to computer hardware and software, their interaction and trade-offs. Essentials of a computer organization and arithmetic, programming languages, assemblers, compilers and interpreters, I/O devices, operating systems, databases and files. Basic ideas in the areas of computer networks, system organization, computer theory, and security. Foundation for more advanced courses.

  • CSCI3268 Overview of the function and architecture of database systems. Study of storage structures and their implementation. Survey of the current types of data models. Examples of data definition and data manipulation languages. Specific database management systems will be studied to support the data base concepts.

  • CSCI5550 Methodical development of limited-size programs with the use of a procedural language (COBOL). Fundamental data structures: arrays, records, lists and trees. Sorting and searching. Stress on structured development techniques, systems development life cycle, with an introduction to prototyping and program maintenance. Laboratory. Fall