The courses for the 18-credit Certificate in Information Technology prepare students to apply the principles of computer networking, programming, and multi-media to an office, business or industry environment. It can help students assume responsibilities involving IT system planning, installation and maintenance in offices.  A number of courses in this certificate program may help lead to professional certifications in Oracle or Network+ or Security+. To take any course in this certificate program, a student must meet all the prerequisites for that course.

Curriculum Plan

FDU’s certificate program in Information Technology includes any six of the following courses. A grade of C or better is needed to earn the certificate.

  • INFO2101 Computer Programming for Information Technologists I
  • INFO2105 Internet and Web Applications
  • INFO2106 Web Site Design and Management
  • CSCI3268 Database Systems
  • INFO4101 Data Communications and Computer Networks I
  • INFO4102 Data Communications and Computer Networks II
  • INFO4201 IT Needs Assessment and Management
  • INFO4891 Network and Information Security

Course Descriptions