This certificate program has been developed by FDU’s highly experienced faculty to prepare students to assume responsibilities involving IT system planning, installation and maintenance in business and industries. Students learn the fundamentals of operating systems, networking and information security, and they obtain hands-on lab experience in these subjects. Looking ahead, employment opportunities in network administration are expected to be above average in the overall IT sector. Students must complete 15 credits of required courses and one 3-credit elective course and will be eligible to receive a certificate in this area. Moreover, students are encouraged to obtain professional certifications to enhance their career objectives. A number of courses in this certificate program may help lead to professional certification in Network+or Security+. To take any course in the certificate program , a student must meet all the prerequisites for that required course.

Curriculum Plan

Required Courses

  • INFO2101     Computer Programming for Information Technologists I
  • INFO4101     Data Communication & Computer Networks I
  • INFO4102     Data Communication & Computer Networks II
  • INFO4201     IT needs Assessment & Management
  • INFO4891     Network & Info Security


INFO4278     Operating Systems


Course Descriptions