Goal 1: Recruit

Make FDU an institution of choice within the three key areas of student populations (pre-college pipelines, traditional-path students and lifelong learners) using targeted recruitment, differentiable products and services and a robust set of offerings and support.

Objective 1a:

Pivot away from an overreliance on traditional undergraduate tuition revenue to a focus on growing enrollment in areas responsive to market demands, changing demographics and student dynamics and needs.

Objective 1b:Engineering student programs machines and a computer.

Reimagine undergraduate education to achieve a more cost-efficient curriculum that allows students to pursue high-demand career opportunities in less time within a lower-cost institutional structure — including program consolidation, reduced operating overhead through campus consolidation and elimination or reduction of some associated expenses to support a smaller campus footprint and fewer programs.


Objective 1c:

Enhance graduate programming by developing a graduate center and an increased value proposition through accelerated programming.

Create the FDU Graduate Center, featuring flexible options for students to pursue graduate education and degrees online, on campus or through blended delivery models — while reducing facility and overhead requirements.

Deploy a comprehensive 4+1 combined degree strategy and other pipeline pathways to increase enrollment in graduate programs.

Re-evaluate FDU’s position in online learning and particularly consider enhancements/changes to the online graduate program offerings.

Develop a comprehensive domestic and international student marketing and recruitment plan, leveraging centralized branding, paid search and targeted messaging and marketing.

Objective 1d:

Enhance programming and leverage opportunities for growth and distinction at FDU’s Vancouver Campus.

Add new programs to the Vancouver portfolio (including health care administration, industrial-organizational psychology and business administration, with others to follow).

Develop a comprehensive recruitment and placement strategy for international students seeking to learn at the Vancouver Campus and gain meaningful post-graduation employment in Canada, leading to pathways to Canadian citizenship.

Objective 1e:

Create a comprehensive set of pre-college pipeline programs that provide new opportunities to increase the number of students in our undergraduate programs.

Establish a direct-entry pipeline program at flagship high schools (that now offer substantial numbers of courses through our Middle College program) to provide advanced standing for students who attend FDU as undergraduates, leading to time and cost savings.

Launch a marketing strategy for pre-college program students, including early admit, dual enroll and other value-enhancement opportunities that will increase the number of students in undergraduate programs.

Leverage community college partnerships and create a strategic marketing and pricing campaign so students can enter FDU from community college with scholarship aid and a three-year pathway to a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree.

Objective 1f:

Enhance programming for adult learners, including degree completion programs, graduate degree offerings, certificates, professional development, executive education and other credentialing.


Create competency-based, highly focused and facile learning opportunities that acknowledge and reward prior learning, feature customizable programming and offer degree completion, certificates, badges, credentials and flexible learning options inside the community, at the workplace or anywhere the learner chooses.

Target students who have some college but no degree for degree completion at FDU, with a combined degree option that allows students to complete undergraduate degrees with an option to simultaneously begin their graduate study.