Transcripts and Credits for Veterans

Veterans may be able to receive FDU credit for military educational experiences. FDU uses the American Council on Education (ACE) Credit Recommendations to help award credits for these experiences. Each academic program at FDU makes independent judgments about military educational transcripts and college transcripts. The number of credits awarded will vary depending upon your specific educational experiences and your choice of major. So, for example, the Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies will usually award the greatest number of credits, while programs in engineering or science might award fewer. Please ask a Veterans Education Counselor if you have any questions about transcripts, the transcript evaluation process, or the FDU policy statement.

If you need a transcript containing civilian earned credit, you will need to order a transcript from the school where you earned those credits.

Academic Credits for Veterans

Fairleigh Dickinson University awards academic credits for military classes, including basic training, as well as other formal educational experiences, that have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE) as academic credit. Academic credits also are awarded for Military Occupation Specialties (MOS).

These credits are treated as transfer credits. Credits will not be factored into the student’s grade point average (GPA).

The number of credits awarded will vary depending upon a student’s military education transcript and the specific academic degree program chosen. Credit can only be transferred if it is applicable to the student’s chosen academic degree program requirements.

On the undergraduate level, FDU awards up to a maximum of 96 transfer credits, inclusive of military education experiences, Military Occupation Specialties, and credits transferred from other accredited institutions; 90 credits is the maximum for the Bachelor of Individualized Studies program.

Each student’s transcript will be evaluated individually by a transfer student adviser in consultation with faculty in the appropriate University department. The decision of the transfer student adviser may be appealed to the academic dean.