After Admission


Complete Your Health Forms

According to New Jersey State law, you must provide proof of immunizations to the University Student Health Services. Please note that you will not be permitted to register for courses until you have submitted all official health records. If you have questions, contact Student Health Services for Metro Campus at (201) 692-2437 or for Florham Campus at (973) 443-8535.

Submit Your Tuition Deposit

Once you have received your Letter of Acceptance from FDU, please complete and return the Matriculation Form and $200 tuition deposit to FDU. You will be reimbursed if the VA provides full tuition. Upon confirmation of receipt, follow the next steps.

Make an Appointment for Testing (as needed)

Some students are required to complete basic skills testing in English and/or Mathematics and/or Computer Skills before registering for certain courses. In these cases, the words “testing required” will be noted at the bottom of your check sheet, which outlines all required courses for your planned Program of Study. For further information, contact the Academic Resource/Support Center for Metro Campus at (201) 692-2077 or for Florham Campus at (973) 443-8538.

Academic Advising and Registration

All veterans who have accepted the offer for admission to FDU, made the initial tuition deposit, completed any required testing, and submitted the appropriate medical forms are now ready to contact an Academic Advisor to discuss your course of study and secure a signed Registration Form. Schedule an appointment with the Registrar’s Office to finalize your registration.

Obtain a Parking Decal

Parking decals are issued free of charge by the Office of Public Safety: (Metro Campus) (201) 692-2222 or (Florham Campus) (973) 443-8888. Please note that there are designated areas for Commuter Students and Resident Students. All cars must be registered for parking in designated areas. Decals are required in all instances.

Obtain a Student Identification Card

Student photo ID cards are issued by the Office of Public Safety. All students must have a photo ID card in order to use the library and to be admitted to athletic events, clubs and organizations, social activities, and other University functions.

Set Up Your FDU Webmail

Go to and then to “Create Webmail Account” on upper right side of page. All students must have an FDU Webmail account in order to access Self-Service (for grades, bills, financial aid accounts, and registration schedules) and Webcampus (for online courses).

Veterans Orientation

As a new or returning member of the University community and your role in the military, FDU wants you to make a smooth transition. Because we are interested in your success, the Office of Student Life has developed a special Veterans Orientation program to help ease the transition process. Since college life involves more than just the classroom, you will have the chance to gain first-hand knowledge of the many activities, programs, and support services the University offers. Orientation is also a great way for you to get acclimated to the campus, get to know new and current students, and meet some of our distinguished faculty and administrators. More information about orientation will be sent to your attention.

Important information about prior educational experience

In general, your military and college credits are evaluated based on the following University policies:

  • FDU transfer decisions are based on the applicability and comparability of the courses and credits in relation to the student’s selected Program of Study.
  • Only credits transfer to FDU, not grades earned.
  • No more than 64 credits from a community college transfer into a 128-credit program; 60 credits maximum for individualized studies majors.
  • 96-credit maximum from a four-year institution; 90 credits for individualized studies major.
  • Students with 30-59 transfer credits receive a substitution for CORE 3009: American Experience using ANY liberal arts course they took elsewhere. Students with 60 or more credits also receive a substitution for CORE 2008: Cross Cultural Perspectives.
  • Only grades of “C” or better are considered, unless the student earns an Associate’s Degree, in which case grades of “C-“ or “D” are accepted if NOT in the major.
  • Students with 24 or more credits receive a substitution for FRSH 1000 Freshman Seminar.
  • 50% of the major must be completed at FDU; therefore, no more than half of the required credits can be in the form of transfer credit; AP or CLEP.