Tuition Exchange Scholarship Programs

Tuition Exchange (TE)

TE is a partnership of 570 colleges and universities offering competitive tuition exchange scholarships to members of faculty and staff dependent children at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Eligible employees include full-time faculty and staff who have completed at least three (3) consecutive years of full-time employment with FDU by the end of the application deadline. Application for the TE program does not guarantee acceptance at a TE member institution or a TE scholarship. Information with regards to the application process (for the following academic year) is distributed to the community the Fall of each year.

TE scholarships are for undergraduate programs for first semester freshmen, immediately following their senior year of high school. The rules established by Tuition Exchange, Inc. state that even if you are eligible to apply for an award for your eligible child, you may not receive an award because each institution is obligated to maintain a balance between students sent on the exchange (exports) and students received on the exchange (imports). In extreme cases, where there is a serious imbalance (many more exports than imports), the institution is formally prohibited from sending students on the exchange.

Tuition Exchange Program (CIC-TEP) 

CIC-TEP is a partnership of 438 colleges that participate in their scholarship program. CIC-TEP is available to IRS dependent children for undergraduate studies. Employees and spouses may also apply for both undergraduate studies as well as for graduate programs. Please visit the list of schools on the CIC-TEP website to determine eligible degrees of studies as an import student.

On an export basis, full-time faculty and staff, who have completed at least three (3) consecutive years of full-time regular employment with Fairleigh Dickinson University are eligible to apply for participation in the CIC-TEP program on behalf of their qualified dependent child, spouse, or self.

The importing school has the final decision on admissions as well as accepting the application under CIC-TEP. If awarded a scholarship on both an export and import basis, the employee must remain a full time regular employee to retain the scholarship on an export basis. There is no deadline to apply on an export basis. However, the importing schools may have their own deadlines to approve scholarships.

Please note the following:

  1. Unlike with TE, employees are NOT restricted from applying only in their child’s senior year of high school. 
  2. If circumstances allow, you may apply simultaneously for both CIC-TEP and TE.
  3.  Applications are submitted directly through the CIC-TEP website.

The current liaison officer for Fairleigh Dickinson University is Stefanie Miller, Director of Employee Benefits.