University Identity

University Name

For external publications, always use the full “Fairleigh Dickinson University” name for the first mention. “FDU” can be used for subsequent mentions. Exceptions to this rule are allowed for Twitter/social media, text messages, and other situations where characters are severely limited. In those cases, “FDU” is acceptable for the first mention.

For internal publications, either “Fairleigh Dickinson University,” “the University” or “FDU” is acceptable.

Do not use periods when Fairleigh Dickinson University is abbreviated. (FDU –yes; F.D.U. –no).

When the University’s full name is used, it should appear entirely on the same line:

(Fairleigh Dickinson University –yes; Fairleigh
Dickinson University –no).

University Boilerplate:

About Fairleigh Dickinson University
Devoted to the preparation of world citizens, Fairleigh Dickinson University offers over 100 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including doctoral programs in pharmacy, nursing practice, clinical psychology and school psychology; and an AACSB-accredited business school. Degree programs are offered on two New Jersey campuses and at two international campuses: Wroxton College, in Oxfordshire in England, and the Vancouver Campus, in British Columbia, Canada. For more information, visit

University Mission Statement

Fairleigh Dickinson University is a center of academic excellence dedicated to the preparation of world citizens through global education. The University strives to provide students with the multi-disciplinary, intercultural, and ethical understandings necessary to participate, lead, and prosper in the global marketplace of ideas, commerce and culture.

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