Public Relations

The Office of Public Relations gathers and disseminates information that enhances understanding of the University’s mission and its successes. The office handles media relations for major University events and accomplishments, provides media training, and serves as a liaison between academic experts and print, broadcast, and web-based media.

Additionally, the office manages the University’s news hub, FDU What’s New and runs the official University social media accounts, also providing governance for other campus users. It also produces written and multimedia content to share FDU’s stories with internal and external audiences. Public Relations plays a key role in University crisis communications planning and provides editorial oversight for the University’s website.


  • Metropolitan Campus: Dickinson Hall, third floor, H-DH3-15, Teaneck, NJ
  • Florham Campus: PR Building, M-PR1, Madison, NJ

Contact Information

Dina Schipper, Executive Director of Communications & News

(201) 692-7032

Contact Information

Scott Giglio, Assistant Director of Public Relations

(973) 443-8756

Contact Information

Kenna Caprio, Senior Communications Writer & Digital Content Editor

(201) 692-7034

Contact Information

Sydnie Fatt, University Social Media Manager

(973) 443-8661

Contact Information

Helen Grill, Senior General Clerk

(201) 692-7028