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What we do:

Public relations staff in the Office of Communications write, create and edit all editorial content for the homepage of the FDU website, the University’s official social media channels, the FDU What’s New hub page and the press release and feature story archives.

Most of the digital material we create fits into four categories: feature articles, press releases, deep captions and social posts. A large amount of this content comes from information we actively seek out, but the University community also passes along interesting details and leads. Thanks! We need your eyes and ears to help us find the best and most important University stories and news to report. Based on what we receive, our team determines which type of content it’s best suited to become.

What we write:

Feature Articles

feature article examples
Have a narrative story and arc. Can be written post-event. Has engaging photographs.

Press Releases

press release examples
Pre-event publicity. Big news/achievements. For the media. Must be of interest to the general public.

Deep Captions

deep caption examples
Picture with minimal details/no story arc.

Social Media Posts

social media post examples
Could originate from a feature, press release or deep caption, and most likely contains a photo or a link. Text is brief and posts are visual. Above: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Guidelines for getting featured

Review our editorial guidelines to increase the chances of your content being featured on our University social media channels here:

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Contact Information

Dina Schipper:
Contact for university news and media relations
Scott Giglio:
Contact for media relations and newsletter
Kenna Caprio:
Contact for feature articles
Sydnie Fatt:
Contact for social media