Publicizing Events

There are many ways the PR team can assist you in publicizing your awesome events, including posting on social media and the FDU website, press releases, and calendar listings. These are different tools for reaching different audiences and not all events will need all of these things.

We will determine which tools to use based on the amount advance warning we receive for your event and level of interest your event carries among the community.

Social media

To post about your event on FDU’s social media channels, we will need two important things:

  1. Visual elements. Posts with pictures perform far better than those without so, please provide us with high quality visuals. These can include photographs and graphics, but not flyers. Flyers are not appropriate for social media.
  2. A URL to link to. When it comes to text on social media, less is more, (especially on Twitter, which limits tweets to 140 characters). To promote your event, we will need a URL with full event information that we can link to with some teaser text. A PDF flyer hosted online is not appropriate for this.

Press releases

For a press release, the event must be open to the public and we will need full event information, including dates, times, location, what the event is about, speaker bios, etc. one month in advance. No exceptions.

Calendar listings

You should always put your events into the FDU calendar and for events open to the public, be sure to add them to the local calendar listings. Calendars are listed below for each campus.