Facebook Guide

Whether your University office, program, or department has already started using Facebook or if you’re interested in creating a page, here are some guidelines and best practices to keep in mind.

The Basics

Head to Facebook and create that page! (Note: A page is different from a personal profile and different from a group. Under no circumstances should you create anything other than a “page.”)

Be sure that the page has:

  1. A wall (for users to comment on and for you to engage and respond)
  2. “Info” details (be brief and accurate!)
  3. A profile photo and Timeline cover photo (brand it with a logo if you can, and if not something that clearly is identifiable and appropriate)
  4. A searchable and identifiable name (if users can’t find your page to “like it” or comment on it, you’re in trouble before you begin)

Introducing Facebook

Take a look at the guidelines Facebook sets out for education users who want to create and manage an effective page. Our notes and suggestions will have a lot of similarities to Facebook’s proposed strategies.

You’ll also notice, going through this document, that some of the questions to ask yourself when creating a Twitter account are similar to questions to ask yourself when making a Facebook Page.







The Takeaway

In the end if you remember these tips, courtesy of Facebook, or ask for help (the Office of Communications and Marketing is here for you), your page will be a success.

Tell your story (in your own unique voice).

  1. Share rich content (including photos, video and links)
  2. Create a dialogue (through posts and tools that allow supporters to share and engage with your message)
  3. Amplify your impact (when your supporters share your content with their friends)
  4. Measure and refine (your message by using Facebook Insights to understand your audience)