Regional Center Program Details

Planning is the cornerstone of success in the Regional Center at FDU. The Center provides students with the strategies and techniques needed to deal effectively with specific learning needs. Our goal is to help students discover the confidence needed to succeed at the University and the independence to perform at their very best. Once a student is accepted to the University and the Regional Center, the staff strives to look at the total picture of the student’s college experience. The program links the student to every aspect of college life — from FDU’s faculty to its library. The program is designed to support students throughout the entire length of study at FDU.

Weekly supports

Students at the Regional Center tell us that scheduled academic support with our learning specialists makes a critical difference in their successes at FDU. Our specialists work with students as partners in the learning process. Support sessions are kept small, individualized and flexible and incorporate a variety of teaching techniques, including metacognitive strategies that will assist students in all content areas. Students will learn to apply learning strategies and technology tools such as personal organizers, text to speech software and the smart pen.

A course for success

A two-semester credited metacognitive strategies course is required for all freshmen and is designed to help students become more effective and self-assured learners. This course focuses on building skills in such areas as time management, note-taking, reading comprehension, test preparation, assistive technology, and exploring topics including stress reduction, self-advocacy and career development.


Individual counseling is provided for all freshmen and transfer students and to upper classmen upon request. The goal of this counseling is to aid the students in their transition into college. In addition to the counseling services offered by the Regional Center, students who feel they could benefit from additional counseling can take advantage of the University’s resources in either career or counseling centers.


Center staff shares with each student the results of diagnostic testing administered upon entry to the program. The staff endorses accommodations that are validated by this process and assists students in informing faculty of your need and right to reasonable accommodations under the law. In the second and subsequent years of study at FDU, students will be guided in self-advocacy skills, enabling them to inform faculty about their accommodations.

Technological support

Students have access to the use of computers at each location which include specialized software such as text-to speech, speech-to text, grammar checks, study skills and note-taking programs. For many students with learning disabilities, audiobooks can be an invaluable aid in increasing reading speed and comprehension. At the Center, the staff works with the students to acquire the necessary texts.

Priority registration

Students in the Regional Center are given priority course registration. If all requirements are met, students may register on the first available day. Course selections are made in collaboration with the student and an advisor from an academic major, whose primary role is to see that course selections keep the student on target to meet graduation and major field of study requirements.

Two-year-option associate degree

Students can enroll in a two-year associate degree program with Petrocelli College located on the Metropolitan Campus.