PLCPA Objectives and Outcomes

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the Programs in Language, Culture, and Professional Advancement (PLCPA) align with the university mission of preparing global citizens. The successful completion of courses offered by PLCPA will enable, particularly international students, to:

  • Demonstrate English as another language (EAL) proficiency for academic as well as professional success in their field of studies.

  • Understand American culture and the sub-culture of the world of work.

Student Outcomes

Students who successfully exit the English for Professional Success (EPS) courses offered by PLCPA will exhibit the following attributes and achievements, in which some are specifically identified as Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Goals. Some selected student outcomes include:

  • Write documents that present and evaluate information and opinion in a logical and analytic manner, incorporating research and documentation, and using style, grammar, mechanics, and format appropriate to an educated audience.

  • Carry out thorough and effective information search strategies using traditional print, digital, and internet sources, evaluate information accessed, and use this information along with existing knowledge to create something new.

  • Prepare and deliver effective oral presentations, incorporating suitable research and using presentation software, in a style appropriate to an educated audience.

  • Read and comprehend meaning, identify text structure, analyze relationships between ideas and think critically in order to be an effective reader in academic and professional environments.

  • Work collaboratively with cross-culturally diverse peers on a variety of tasks to accomplish a common goal.

  • Participate in online discussions on a variety of topics using appropriate vocabulary and register.

  • Understand the American culture and the world of work sub-culture.