Faculty Guide

At first, the thought of teaching abroad may seem daunting, but it shouldn’t! Clearly, there are certain things that you must consider, but the Study Abroad Office appreciates that, as a scholar, your primary input to the course is a curricular one. Working with you, the logistical details will be predominantly assumed by the Study Abroad Office.

If you decide that you want to teach a course abroad, various questions about the format should first be considered, such as should the abroad experience be an entire course or should it be a component of a course that already exists? If it is an entire course, how long should you be abroad? How many sessions should take place before travel to prepare the students? How many sessions should take place after the travel to complete the course? Will there be examinations? Papers?

Once you have decided these issues, the following questions should be considered.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Once you have satisfactorily answered these questions for yourself, it is time to plan the logistics of the course. You have decided on the “what”, “where”, and “when”, now it’s time to make it happen! Taking a group of students abroad does have its responsibilities, but we’d like you to be confident in your endeavor and for the experience to run smoothly. There is some legwork involved and we can help you with it. The Study Abroad Office will work with you on the following:

  • Flight and hotel arrangements
  • Visa and passport advising
  • Registration
  • Medical insurance paperwork
  • Assistance in the setting up of tours, ground transportation and activities

We will act as the “home base” while your group is both here and abroad to assist with faculty and parental concerns.

The most important thing for you to appreciate is that you are not undertaking this enterprise alone; the Wroxton and Study Abroad Offices are here to assist you in all phases and at all times.